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How did you get into the Nightrunner series?

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Ruetha | 3 comments Obviously if you're here, you are into it. You've read it, enjoyed it, are waiting for Mrs. Flewelling to stop taunting us on LiveJournal and publish the next installment already. But how did you get into it? What/who turned you on to the series?

For my part... When I was in high school, a friend of mine bought me a copy of Luck in the Shadows which I, focused on another series at the time, promptly put in a drawer and forgot about. Much to my shame. A year or so later, after reading The Last Herald-Mage trilogy by Mercedes Lackey, another friend pointedly informed me that I should read Lynn Flewelling, that it was right up my alley and to go find a copy of Luck in the Shadows... I'm sure I lit up like a lightbulb before confessing that I had a copy of it and had yet to read it. I gobbled it down and hunted out more. Lucky for me Traitor's Moon had recently been released and I had two more wonderful stories about Alec and Seregil to indulge in...

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Matthew Aughenbaugh | 2 comments I stumbled upon them in a thrift store and they had the first three for three bucks and I have been desperate for a fantasy series to dive into and this is exactly what I was looking for.

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Samantha (sammydee25) | 2 comments I was looking for something new to read and it was in my Amazon recommended feed. I kept seeing it but for some reason was hesitant to buy... I'm so glad I finally bought them. I devoured them a little too fast. My all time favorite series!

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