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Shreya=Drastically Random. Find the emoticon. | 887 comments Mod
JUSTINE'S WORDS WITH A FEW CHANGES: To be considered active you must post at least once a week. Posts in the general section don't count. The posts have to be ROLEPLAY and they have to be at least two sentences long or they don't count.

If you are going on vacation, or you won't be able to go on for a while because of something, please post here or PM the leader/deputy of your clan.

If someone doesn't post for two whole months, they will be deleted from the group. In this clan (frostclan) I will make a new post informing about each person being deleted so people won't get confused. (they won't be if they told the leader of the clan before they were inactive)
If you are a moderator and you are going to be inactive, put 'Inactive' as your title, though mods will not be deleted.

Below is the list of active FROSTCLANNERS and inactive ones. If I missed you on the list please tell me. An 'A' indicates that you are active and an 'I' indicates you are inactive.


Leader: Shreya A

Deputy: Justine A

Medicine Cat: Hazze I

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Alisa I

Warriors: Hannah I
Vedika I
Lizi I
Linda I

Snowstorm I
Lauren A



Shreya=Drastically Random. Find the emoticon. | 887 comments Mod
Mockingbird has not posted since January. They are going to be deleted from the group.

message 3: by ♥Justine♥, Inactive (Don't worry young grasshoppers. I'll be back soon) (new)

♥Justine♥ | 674 comments Mod
Sigh. We need active members! Does Janelle or Chelsey or Anny or someone have a FrostClan cat?????

message 4: by Maryam (new)

Maryam | 543 comments Nope. I only have a Moonclan one, but I can make a Frostclan one.

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