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message 1: by Amanda (last edited Jul 09, 2011 06:33PM) (new)

Amanda (daughterofoak) | 44 comments Tugce Nida and I are starting a buddy read for The Princess Bride. Feel free to join in!

message 2: by Tuğçe (new)

Tuğçe Gökırmak (tugcenidasevin) My copy is 8 chapters plus introduction. (the thirtieth anniversary edition - 397 pages) I tried to put in around 50 pages a day. So here are the chapters and days

Introduction - Chapter 1 (The Bride) July 7th
Chapter 2 (The Groom) - Chapter 4 (The Preparations) July 8th
Chapter 5 (The Announcement) July 9th - July 10th
Chapter 6 (The Festivities) July 11th
Chapter 7 (The Wedding) July 12th
Chapter 8 (The Honeymoon) July 13th

Let me know if this is not convenient for you and we can change it anytime :)

message 3: by Tuğçe (new)

Tuğçe Gökırmak (tugcenidasevin) So here are my questions for the first part, I am not that experienced in creating questions thing so some I made up some I found in some guides, please bare with me...

1. The Writer states " The ‘good parts’ version abridged by William GOLDMAN " of The Princess Bride from a novel written by the great writer, S. Morgenstern. Do you believe that there really is such a person? Is that confusion necessary for the kind of story he is trying to tell?Why do you think that he inserts himself as a character?

2. What are your first impressions on Buttercup and Farmboy and the relation between them?

3. Why do you think, did the Farmboy, close the door when Buttercup said she loves him?

4. How do you think Buttercup will change with Westley's dead?

Well, even though it is not a short book in the number of pages, it is a fast read so if you think I spare so many time on chapters we can change that. I did the chapters regarding to the page numbers :) before reading it.

message 4: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (daughterofoak) | 44 comments Ok, so I finally put my other book down long enough to get started on The Princess Bride. I am really enjoying it so far. :) Here are my answers to your questions, Nida:

1. I read somewhere that S. Morgenstern and William Goldman are the same person, though I don't know if that is true or not. Inserting himself as a character could be a way to tie the story to more modern times, to let the readers feel connected to the story. Otherwise, I have no idea :)

2. I hated Buttercup in the beginning. She was spoiled and rude, and even more immature than her 16 years. I couldn't understand what Farmboy/Westley saw in her and why he was so in love with her. Obviously she was beautiful, but as shallow as can be.

3. I think that maybe he was overwhelmed, as she just suddenly decided she loves him and he didn't know how to deal. But maybe he also wanted to get some payback. After all, he had loved her for a long time and she was blind. But as soon as she confesses her love she expects him to fall over himself in joy, as if it is some great privilege.

4. I think she will finally grow up and be shaped into a wiser woman. Which wouldn't be too hard, for Buttercup. :)

message 5: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (daughterofoak) | 44 comments Here are my questions for Chapter 5 (The Announcement).

1. Do you think Buttercup's only reason for accepting Prince Humperdink was to avoid death? Or do you think there was another reason?

2. What were your first impressions of the three kidnappers? How did your opinion change (if at all) when you read about their pasts?

3. If you have seen the movie: how do you like it compared to the book? Is there anything you wish was added/left out?
And if you haven't seen the movie: does reading the book make you want to do so?

message 6: by Tuğçe (last edited Jul 11, 2011 05:33AM) (new)

Tuğçe Gökırmak (tugcenidasevin) Here are my answers,

1.I didn't really think there could be another reason, else than losing Westley again. But I also thought she was giving up so very quickly. The instant Humperdink asked to surrender or die, she gave up and went with him. So what do you think, do you believe there was something else?

2.I actually find them pretty funny at times I must admit and I know that is not their intention in the book but somehow I couldn't make myself think them as bad men.

3. No I haven't watch the movie, I would like to watch it but not just because the book made me want to watch it but also every review I read about it said it was really good.

Do you enjoy the writer's comments about Morgenstern's previous edition ok? Because after a while I thought they started to be rather annoying. That is maybe because I never really think there was a previous writer anyway :)

I will post my questions about Chapter 6 - The Festivities later today when I am free to read :)

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (daughterofoak) | 44 comments Hey Nida, I'm back from doggy sitting...Thanks for being so patient! :)
At first I thought Goldman's comments throughout the book were funny, but after a while it got a little irritating. The comments made me feel like the author was standing behind me and breathing over my shoulder.

I'll post some questions as soon as I can think of any :)

message 8: by Tuğçe (new)

Tuğçe Gökırmak (tugcenidasevin) No problem at all. I guess we weren't really succesfull in this buddy read :) Either I or you had distractions sorry for that.I had some questions written down for chapter 6, I just had so many things during the weekend couldn't post, I will post them tonight when I am home.

I agree on the Goldman's comments. It was nice in the beginning but then it starting to be annoying, it made me think they were forced and they also made me doubt the thing on the former writer story(Morgenstern).

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