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message 1: by Amy Eye (new)

Amy Eye | 1841 comments Mod
My friend, Sylvia - and also one of our generous authors who just recently donated a book to our contest number two, was telling me about a show that she runs. It sounds super exciting, and I wanted to share this information with all of you. Check this out, and see what it is all about! You may be the next guest on her show!

What is The Lit Chick Show?

The Lit Chick Show (LCS) is like a mini-TV show run on a blog, created and hosted by Australian author, Sylvia Massara.

The purpose of LCS is for authors and readers to interact with one another through weekly video posts featuring authors of all genres. Additionally, Sylvia shares information about anything literary, and from time to time she will bring in special guests to talk about book promotion, marketing, etc.

Please note: The Show merely provides a platform for authors to showcase their work. It does not review books nor does it endorse them.

The name "Lit Chick" is a play on words for "chick lit", but don't be misled! The name "Lit Chick" stands for "literary chick" -- and that is what Sylvia is! As a "literary chick" she is interested in anything literary, including how authors can reach out to the world at large and promote their books.

So, whether you're male or female, if you've written a book (in whatever genre), and you want to reach out to readers, this is the place to you.

Authors interested in featuring on the show can contact Sylvia through the blog. Just visit:

message 2: by Sylvia (last edited Jul 06, 2011 03:38PM) (new)

Sylvia Massara (sylvia_massara) Hello from the Literary Chick! Thank you, Amy, for posting this. Authors, the show is doing well and creating good exposure, and with each author that features the network gets bigger. As each author uses their interview link to promote themselves, more and more people become aware of the show and the other authors, too.

We also have some wonderful supporters of the show and they will always make sure that you have exposure as well. These great people do it all for free and give of their time in order to help authors like you and me. Check them out by clicking on the "Friends of the Literary Chick" tab and say hello to one of them.

If you would like to be featured on the show, have a look at some of the interviews that have been done in the past--everyone is different and has a different style. If you're camera shy, let me know, we can organise an audio-cast instead. Feel free to contact me through the show.

Hope to see you on the show sometime soon!

Warm regards,
Sylvia Massara
Novelist and host of The Lit Chick Show

message 3: by Cambria (new)

Cambria (cambria409) | 3305 comments Thanks for stopping by Sylvia this is a great promoting resource!!

message 4: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia Massara (sylvia_massara) Thank you, Cambria. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to feature on the show :-)

Regards, Sylvia

message 5: by Dale (new)

Dale Ibitz (goodreadscomdale_ibitz) | 298 comments This sounds great Sylvia! What a wonderful platform for authors. I'm assuming I'd need a webcam on my computer though, which I don't have.

message 6: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia Massara (sylvia_massara) Dale, we can do a written blog, too. Have a look at the blog written by Nicole Chardenet. I did an video intro for her and she did the written blog. Contact me through the show if you'd like to feature. Cheers,

Novelist and host of The Lit Chick Show

message 7: by Cambria (new)

Cambria (cambria409) | 3305 comments Sylvia wrote: "Thank you, Cambria. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to feature on the show :-)

Regards, Sylvia"

Thanks Sylvia! I might take you up on that when my book gets published!! :)

message 8: by Amy Eye (new)

Amy Eye | 1841 comments Mod
There are loads of great ways Sylvia can get you featured, she is quite inventive! Don't be shy and send this lady a message!!

message 9: by Dale (new)

Dale Ibitz (goodreadscomdale_ibitz) | 298 comments I will Sylvia! The paperback version of my book is coming out in a week or so, so I'll be in touch!

message 10: by Amy Eye (new)

Amy Eye | 1841 comments Mod
You won't be sorry, Dale. :)

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