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Her Guardian (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense) by Sharon Dunn

With everything I read and watch and the conversations I am involved in or overhear, it is often hard to trace the source for an idea. For my July release, Her Guardian, I remember clearly the news stories that planted the seed for a story. Both the Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard stories were in news along with a case in Europe where a father kept his daughter captive in their house for years. I was struck by the courage and the tenacity of these young women. Though they were victimized, they didn’t let themselves become victims.

Writers are always asking the “what if” question. In brainstorming the book that would become Her Guardian, I started to ask, what if a chunk of your life was torn away from you and you could never get it back? My heroine Julia Randel is kidnapped by the cult leader Elijah True at age 13 and doesn’t escape until she is 20. She missed out on all the normal stuff about growing up from prom, to learning to drive and graduation. First dates and first kisses—all of that was taken from her.

I wanted to explore how someone heals from such an injustice. The external plot of Her Guardian focuses on Gavin Shane, Julia’s bodyguard, keeping her safe until the trial against the cult leader who kidnapped her. But the other story here is how Julia finds the strength (with Gavin’s help of course) to rebuild her life, to hold onto hope and not give into bitterness.

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Camy (camytang) | 103 comments Sharon, that is SO unique! I can't wait to read this book!

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I'm really excited to read it too! I love stories ripped from the headlines.

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