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Ana took Demetri's hand

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They were in a car headed to Demetris beach house. "This is gonna be fun"

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she nodded,"yep"

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The car was almost to the house.

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she wrapped her amr around him

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He smiled and felt the car stop. They were in front of the house. Demdtri helped Ana out and looked at the House

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Ana smiled

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"What do you think?" Demetri said getting the bags

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"its great"

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He lugged the bags inside the house and smiled.Finally made it

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Ana followed looking around

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Demetri set down the bags in the hall."Want a tour?"

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"yes please"

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He took her hand and led her around showing her the master bedroom the guest room. Then the kitchen and the rec room and the pool.

Guest room. Master

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"cool, your hourse is beautiful"

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"Yeah my mom decorated and design the whole house"

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"she has great taste"

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"she has great taste"

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Demetri nodded."Thats why she gets the big bucks. She's designing a house for Oprah right now"

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"so what do you want to do now?"

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"you chose, this is your place"

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"We could go play some pool?"

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He nodded and led them to the pool table

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Ana looked around

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Demetri set up the table

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she looked out the window

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He took the first shot and knocked in a striped red ball

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at ehr turn she got a yellow one in

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Demetri went for a purple stripped one but missed

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she went for the samw one gettign it ion

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He shook his head and went for a green one

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Ana smiled missing a blue one

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He tried for the blue one doing it over dramatically to make Ana laugh

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Ana laughed

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He winked at her and got the ball in

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she giggled and siad teasingly,"I guess over dramticness works, because you suck at this game"

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"Hey thats not far I rock at this game" He laughed not even believing himself

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"keep telling yourself that"he said jokiongly

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"Whatever your just jealous" Demetri laughed

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

"as if, I can beat you anytime"

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"We will see"

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"yep"she said pecking his cheek

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He smiled and hit another ball

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she hit two at once

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He shook his head and missed again

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she smiled getting one more in

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He lost she got the rest in.

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"so can I pick a prize?"

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