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((vert nice!))

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Justin walked in with Rejia."This is it"

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Rejia looked around ,'It's so nice!"

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"Thanks I decorated a little"

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"i love it! i reminds me old house." Rejia sighed and sat on his bed, smothing the blanket

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Justin sat next to her"Where was that?"

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"I old home looked so nice, this room look like my parents old room..."

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"Oh"Justin said not knowing how to comfort her

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Rejia smiled and leane don him

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"I actually haven't been her much"

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Rejia sighed and kissed him

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Justin kissed her back

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Rejia smiled and kissed harder pushing him down

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Justin let her push him back and put his hands around her waist

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Rejia let him be on top, raping her hands around his back

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Justin kissed down her neck. Icy steam came out of his nose

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Rejia closed her eyes, he body curving with his kiss

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Justin smiled and kissed all the way back to her lips

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Rejia smiled and pulled on his shirt

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"What are you doing little dragon" Justin whispered into her ear

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Rejia smiled, "Nothing," she cooned

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Justin kissed her cheek."You are the first dragon girl I have ever dated"

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Rejia smiled, "First dragon boy i've even dated," She kissed him harder

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Justin kissed her back holding her closer

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Rejia pulled on his shirt again with a smile

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Justin released her and took it off

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((g2g)) Rejia smiled

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Rejia took off her own shirt

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Justin smiled and kissed her

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Rejia kissed harder, pulling him close

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Justin wrapped his arms around her agian

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Rejia rapped her arms aorund him

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Justin's eyes got slitly for a second but he shook it off

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Rejia smiled and her tong sliped into his mouth

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Justin moved his hands down her back moving closer

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Rejia groned, smoke escaping her nose

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Justin hummed deeply not wanting to pull away from her

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Rejia hummed back,

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Justin kissed down her neck smelling her

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Rejia groned again, lifting her body agenst his

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Justin growled pressing into her

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Rejia smiled and ran a hand down his chest

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Justin smiled back kissing her cheek

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Rejia rested her head on his chest and breathed in

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"Your fantastic you know"Justin said taking her hand

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Rejia smiled, "Thanks."

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