The Burning Bridge (Ranger's Apprentice, #2) The Burning Bridge question

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"I wonder," she (alyss) said. "Does this castle have a moat?"

A group of servants were busy emptying the privy buckets into the moat when they were startled by a sudden drawn-out cry. They looked up in time see a scarlet-and-gold clad figure sail out of a first-story window, turn over once and then land with an enormus splash in the dark, rancid waters. They shrugged and went back to work."

"So I sent Halt to straighten matters out. Thought it might be a good idea to give him something to keep him busy."
So what's Digby got to complain about?" Rodney asked. It was obvious from his tone that he felt no sympathy for the recalcitrant commander of Barga Hold.
The Baron gestured for Lady Pauline to explain.
Apparently," she said,"Halt threw him into the moat."

“I’ll miss you. How will I ever carry out diplomatic missions without someone to throw unpleasant nobles out the window?”

Will"I was thinking-"
"Your an apprentice,"Halt and Gilan said"your not ready to think"

I don't care about him, I'm worried about my axe.

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Hoarce: I have been thinking-
Will and Halt:All ways a dangerous things
Will: Halt i was thinking-
Halt: You're and APPRENTICE your not ready to think

I liked that part very much since it was the funniest in the book (almost).

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"they deserve hanging, Ranger! Hanging I say! They have terrified my poor wife and threatened my very person!" Halt eyed him impassively until the outburst was finished. "Worse then that," he said quietly, "they've wasted my time." - book three: icebound land

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(Will)"Halt can I ask you a question?"
(Halt)"You just did."

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Will: "Halt can I ask a question?"
halT: "You just did"

after Gilan explains to Will and Horace how to block swords with a rangers two knives, Will asks,
"What do we do if an axeman charges us?"
Gilan says; "Run and hide" and Will says,
"We can't. We're backed against a cliff,"
"Jump off the cliff, it'll be a lot less messy that way."

"We want a prisoner," the Ranger finished mildly. Then he was driven back by the impact of a small body running headlong into him, and a pair of arms that wrapped around his waist, and Will was sobbing and babbling mindlessly as he embraced his teacher and mentor and friend. Halt patted his shoulder gently, and was surprised to find a single tear sliding down his own cheek. - book four: the battle for skandia


(Will)"Halt. I was thinking..."
(Halt)"Your too young to think. Its too dangerouse."

and basicly any Halt/Will bit or when Halt misses Will. (and vice versa)

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“That taught us how to block a sword with two knives. But what if an ax man's coming at me?"
Gilan looked suspicious. "An ax man? I don't recommend trying to block an ax with two knives."
But Will wouldn't take no for an answer. "But what if he's charging at me?" Horace walked over.
Gilan looked away. "Uh...shoot him."
Horace intervened. "Can't, his bowstring's broken."
Gilan gritted his teeth. "Run and hide."
Will kept on him. "There's a sheer cliff behind me."
Horace caught on. "There's a sheer cliff behind him, and his bowstring's broken. What should he do?"
Gilan thought for a moment. "Jump off the cliff, it'll be less messy that way.”

"do you mind"? ( he said to Tug)

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