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message 1: by Nolan (new)

Nolan Keebler (mcminus) | 4 comments what is your favorite episode? mine is the price is right one.

message 2: by Nolan (new)

Nolan Keebler (mcminus) | 4 comments The one where that guy needs Ted and Barney to fightsome guys, and they don't but he thinks they did? And I also like the one with Mobey at New Years.

message 3: by Kate15 (new)

Kate15 (Darkblueleader) | 1 comments my is alsothe price is right one

message 4: by Kirby (new)

Kirby | 3 comments those are all good ones...I also really love the pilot episode.

message 5: by Prashamsa (new)

Prashamsa (crushy) | 2 comments the playbook

~★ScarlettSwan★~ (justsayit) How can I pick just one I like almost all of them. The pilot, Arrivederci Fiero, Slap Bet, price is right one..................

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