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Jeydon and Peyton sat on the swings are the park thinking of things to do. It was kinda cold out so they didn't wanna go swimming or fishing like they usually did. They finally decided that theyd just sit there and talk.

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Christina Beasley Erik sat on a bench in the park, playing his guitar softly.

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Payton heard someone playing a guitar and listened to it

message 4: by Christina (new)

Christina Beasley Erik stopped for a minute to tune it and then began playing again.

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Payton kept listening liking how it sounded. She usually listened to Jeydon play, but not like this

message 6: by Christina (new)

Christina Beasley Erik put a hat on the ground for tips.

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Jeydon wanted to go see a movie so they went to the movies

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Jay sat at home, bored.

((Can Jeydon and Jay be friends?))

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Jeydon texted Jay, 'movies?' he asked

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'sure,' Jay texted back. 'is your sister coming?'

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'yeah' he replied

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'okay, see you there.' He told his dad where he was going, got his keys and wallet, and headded out the door.

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They got to the theatre soon and waited

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Jay waved as he stepped into the theater. "Hey Jeydon, and Peyton. What movie you guys wanna watch?"

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They shrugged, "We were gonna pick as a group."

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"Okay," He said. "Peyton, why don't you pick?" Jay had always had a thing for Peyton. She was kind of like a little sister to him.

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"Alright." she said as they got in line. She picked an horror movie as they waited for their turn

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"I'll go get some popcorn for all of us." He walked away from the ticket line and when in the line for food. "3 medium popcorns, please." He said to the cashier dude.

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"Alright." Jeydon said and they paid for the tickets. After they waited for Jay

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Jay handed each of them their popcorns as they made their way to the right room. "So where were you guys earlier?" He asked.

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"The park." Peyton replied. When there wasn't much to do they usually went to the park until they came up with an idea

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"Oh, I see." Jay held open the door for Peyton and slammed the door in Jeydon's face. "Oops, sorry dude!" He called.

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"Thanks." she smiled and laughed when the slammed the door in Jeydon's face. Jeydon came in chuckling about it

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Jay smiled back. They sat down in their seats and waited for the movie to start. Jay sat in between Peyton and Jeydon. "Doesn't that guys nose look like its been smashed in with a pan?" Jay whispered in Peyton's ear and nodded at the person sitting in front of them.

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She smiled and nodded. After that she couldn't stop looking at the guys nose until the movie started. It looked strange so she couldn't help but to look.

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Ruby ((Anyone want to rp? x]))

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Christina Beasley Erik picked up his hat, only a few bucks. He sighed, he never was going to get enough money.

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Jay noticed Peyton still looking at the nose. He smiled to himself.

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She tore her eyes away from it once the movie started

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Jay held his hand out. "You can hold my hand if you get scared," He said with a wink.

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(it's an action movie though xD)

"Okay." she said and smiled

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(Oh okay, haha sorry)

Jay smiled back, stretched his long legs out and watched the movie.

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(I changed it so it's a horror movie now)

She watched the movie happily, though she knew she would forget about his hand

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(Cool XD)

Jay was a little disappointed when Peyton didn't take his hand, but didn't show it.

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The movie wasn't that scary, though it was supposed to be a horror movie.

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When it was over, they walked outside to the main lobby of the theater. Jay looked at his watch. Only 4:00? What am I gonna do? "So what now?" He asked mainly to Jeydon.

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"Uhmm, I have no idea."

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"You wanna go play some basketball?" Jay asked, still not making eye-contact with Peyton.

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"Sure." he said. "Jeydon, I gotta get to volleyball practice. See you at home." Payton said. "Bye." Jeydon said as she left

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"Your house is closer. Why don't we grab your basketball?" He said, as he started his way towards the door.

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(is he butt hurt that Peyton didn't hold his hand?)

"Alright." he said following Jay out. "Do you like my sister?" he asked

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(He's disappointed because he thought peyton liked him)

"Ummmmm..." Jay said, hesitating. "Why are you asking me this?"

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"Cause of how you act toward her. It's unmissable." he said

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"I didn't think it was that obvious," He mumbled. "Well," He stated more clearly, "I'm not really sure if she likes me or not. I thought she did, but I dunno." He shrugged.

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"Ohh." he replied. "Alright then." he shrugged too.

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"Yeah," Jay said, not really sure of how to make conversation now.

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"Are you gonna try out for basketball?" he asked changing the subject

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"Probably, but I'm not 100 percent sure yet. Depends on what dad says. How about you?" Jay asked.

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"Yeah. It'd be cool if you could tryout."

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"I guess we'll see," Jay said as he stepped onto the court, dribbling the ball.

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