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Alice and Rain drive around the Country looking for Survivors.

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Cat hid in the attic of a two story house. There weren't many zombies, for now.

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Alice Drove past houses with Rain in the Passenger side of the Car, She stopped at a few houses Serching them for survivors.

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She found a sniper rifle and started shooting at nearby and far away zombies. Though she sucked at using it

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Rain heard the Gunshots and ran outside and began shooting the Zombies too, With Much better Accuracy,

Alice found out where the Shooting was coming from and went inside Ordering Rain to cover her.

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She saw in a movie the guys holding their breaths so she tried that. It was working, but it still took her a couple shots.

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Alice found Cat and went into the room and ran up to her. and shot out the window hitting some Zombies.

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Cat kept shooting when she saw that it was another survivor. It was her first time with a sniper rifle so she thought she wasn't that bad with it

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"Rain and I can keep you safe, Run to the Hummer We'll cover you" She said.

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She looked up at her and nodded then tossed the rifle aside and headed for the hummer

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Alice ran after her covering her back "One Rain" She shouted.

"Got You Hummer Now" She shouted back.

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Cat shot at zombies as she got to the hummer

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Rain and Alice shot the Zombies as they ran to the Hummer, Rain in back and Alice in the Driver's seat. They waited long enough for Cat to get in then sped off. Rain Shooting at Zombies until they were clear. She sat back and smirked,

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"Thank you." she said to them. She was relieved to see faces without worms coming from their eyes and meat in between their teeth

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"No problem, Where we goin Boss? We can't keep running forever" Rain said.

"We'll find a safe place and make a base, Work from there Find more survivors and bring them back" Alice said.

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"Back where?" Cat asked. Cat wished she new where they were taking her.

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"Back to our Base of Opperations, If we find one." Rain said.

"I'm Alice and this is Rain" Alice said. intrroducing themselves

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"Oh, I'm Cat." she said and looked out the window. "I heard there's a safe point in Atlanta. Do you guys know if that's true?"

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"I heard the rumor too, But we haven't been there yet, So who knows." Rain said.

"We're planning on going there" Alice said.

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She nodded as of they could see it and continued looking out the window

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Rain saw the nod and nodded back then played lookout.

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Alice drove to another house Farther up,

((Carlos's house))

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(Sorry if I don't reply right away. We got a new dog and were training it)

Carlos reloaded and kept shooting at the surrounding zombies. He heard the car, but continued shooting.

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Alice Parked and they did the Same thing that they'd done at Cat's House, Only, Rain was the one to go in this time.

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Carlos went to meet Rain at the door

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Rain covered him and loaded him into the Hummer and they drove away, this time with Two survivors.

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"Thanks." He said. Carlos didn't know if everyone was on a first name basis so he didn't say what his name was

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"I'm Rain, this is my C.O. Alice and this kid is Cat" She said smiling a little.

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"Carlos." He said. "So, is the destination Atlanta?" He asked as he reloaded his gun

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"Yup, It's gonna be a long ride, Rain has Supplies, So if either of you are hurt or get hungry, Talk to her, She can be bitchy but she grows on you." Alice said.

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Carlos chuckled, "Ill remember that."

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"Yeah yeah Kiss my ass Alice" Rain said joking.

Alice chuckled.

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Carlos grinned amused.

Cat sat back listening to them talk

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Rain looked around fro Zombies and once again they were in the clear. "We need to find a place to spend the night boss" Rain said.

Alice nodded.

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"There's a boarded up house a quarter of a mile from here." He said

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"That'll have to do" Alice said and drove toward the Boarded up house.

"I'm not sleeping, I'll sleep when I'm dead" Rain said.

"Your choice" Alice said.

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He gave Alice the directions to the house.

Cat looked out the window. "Where are the zombies?" She thought to herself

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Alice followed his directions and parked at the house.

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He got out of the car with his gun drawn just in case. "Ill go search the inside." He said and headed to the door

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Rain went with him.

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The door was locked so he found something to pick the lock with. He opened the door and looked around before going in

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Rain followed him.

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After a bit of searching they didn't find anything. Carlos went to the hummer and told them it was clear. Cat got out an headed inside

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Alice followed them inside and blocked the enterances.

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Cat helped Alice

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After they were done Alice smiled and thanked Cat, then went to look at the rooms. so she could decide who got which rooms. It looked like there were three rooms, She and Rain would share a room and Cat and Carlos would each get their own, She went back to them and told them that.

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"Alright." Cat said as she looked around.

Carlos nodded as he looked out through the boards. Oddly, no zombies in sight.

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Rain looked at Alice like she was Crazy. "I told you I ain't Sleepin'" She said

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"You'll need your strength." Carlos said to her

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Rain looked at him, "Fine," She said and followed Alice

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