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message 1: by Brenda :D (new)

Brenda :D (brendaboo) | 117 comments Name: Amber
Age: Looks 17 but age unknown
Gender: F
Angel Or Demon: Demon
Personality: She's kind of a brat and a party girl she was born a demon but she's looking for her twin brother who was takin as a child
Weapons(2 MAX): Flirting and Fighting
Powers(2 MAX): Can shoot fire from her hands
Weaknesses: People she loves

message 2: by Melody (last edited Jul 07, 2011 06:43PM) (new)

Melody | 11 comments Name: akira
Age: 16
Gender: female
Angel Or Demon: angel
Appearence: http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn...
Personality: She's kind of a shy girl but and is also a tomboy, doesn't take disrespect from anyone,
Weapons(2 MAX): bow n' arrow
Powers(2 MAX): angel blast, angelic burst
Weaknesses: People she cares about
Crush: none

message 3: by Esther (last edited Oct 10, 2011 10:55AM) (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 143 comments Name: Elize
Age: Appears 18
Gender: Female
Angel Or Demon: half n' half
Appearence: http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_ima...
Personality: quiet, sweet, a bit of a downer sometimes
Weapons(2 MAX): she has a belt full of throwing daggers that she hangs around her torso, and a long curved dagger
Powers(2 MAX): mind control (reading minds, influencing people to do things) and you know... flying obviously :DD
Weaknesses: Little kids
History: Something TOTALLY screwed up for her after she died. She grew up on the streets and was basically a bad person, but she also had a little brother (which is why she lovesss kids!). She died protecting him. And now she's sorta a messed up mix. She used to be really loud and sarcastic, but she started to get more sad after dying (which happened recently, like a year ago recently) and doesn't know if her little brother is still alive (even if he is... he's 8ish soo...)
Crush: Open i guess
Other: Usually is wearing a big jacket when she's with humans to cover her wings and dagger belt

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 01, 2011 05:50PM) (new)

Name: Namida
Age: 16
Gender: F
Angel Or Demon: Unknown
Appearence: True self: [image error] Demon: http://media.photobucket.com/image/da...
Personality: Her true self is sweet and giving, sacraficial, even, but something ((or maybe even someone)) inside her makes her lose it at times...she's killed people, yes...but not on her own will...No one knows what makes her like this at times but whatever it is can only get worse...
Weapons(2 MAX): Just a small, razor sharp blade
Powers(2 MAX): Can see through any lie, Can wipe peoples memory
Weaknesses: She can be killed as any human could
Crush: Open

message 5: by Darkling (new)

Darkling (deideidarkling) Name: Kyrid
Age: Somewhere near 400 but looks to be 19
Gender: Male
Angel Or Demon: Somewhere inbetween. (Explains in history)
Appearence: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201...
Personality: Kyrid is one of the most laid back and carefree people you'll probably be lucky enough to meet, but that doesn't mean he has the patients of temper of a saint. When annoyed or pissed off Kyrid can either simple walk away or flip out and go on a rampage, starting fights, killing, maiming, and just about anything else he can think of. He is officially sick of immortality and just lives life the way he wanted to when he was human.
Weapons(2 MAX): His bare hands and a hunting knife he keeps attached to his belt.
Powers(2 MAX): He can see a person's past/the purity or impurity of their souls.
Can also purify a person's soul (Free ticket out of hell pretty much)
Weaknesses: He's always trying to find a way to die, so fighting, his temper, his suicidal intents, oh and he can't not help someone.
History: Kyrid was human once, he lived a pretty normal life except for the fact that both his parents were alcoholics, druggies, abusive, his father raped him multiple times, and he was bullied from the first day he set foot in his school. After 17 years of the torture, and smiling through it the young man took his own life. Now, he had no stains on his soul so he became an angel, and was one for nearly 300 years, collecting pure souls and delivering them to where they needed to be. But after 300 years for some reason he fell, a reason he refuses to talk about, and now he wanders pretending to be mortal, continuously getting himself into trouble, he even became a serial killer once and was buried alive after being pronounced dead.
Crush: open! :D ♥
Other: He has scars covering nearly his entire body.
He can still fly, but his wings are grey, darkening at the same rate his soul does.

message 6: by Darkling (new)

Darkling (deideidarkling) Gomen...^^'

message 7: by Esther (last edited Oct 02, 2011 07:12AM) (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 143 comments ahahah :D my characters a mix too!

message 8: by Indiana (new)

Indiana Name: Esmerine Lilith
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Angel Or Demon: Demon
Personality: update later
Weapons(2 MAX): Dagger
Powers(2 MAX): Shadow manipulation
Weaknesses: Her partiality towards the opposite gender.

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