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What's Behind YOUR Wall?
Melodie Campbell Melodie Jul 06, 2011 06:09AM
Do you ever wish you could walk through a wall into another world? Even for a few hours? I wrote Rowena Through the Wall when my mother was dying in hospital, and I needed to escape for a few hours into a very different world. A crazy, fun world, with lots of action and adventure.

I'd love to hear about where other readers/writers would escape to. What's behind your escape wall?

When I was taking care of my sister, I took her through the wall into a world where demons were trying to get back into the world. It had adolescent and mature romance, swords and sorcery, vampires, other worlds and trolls who had retired to Earth to form the Rockies. The enemy was ruthless and strong, but ultimately defeated - unlike the cancer attacking my sister's bones. The last work my sister did was edit the first draft of that novel.

I think I might steal your fantasy, Melodie. It's got it all!

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