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Exos (DemonUtauX) | 30 comments Walls choked with thick, green vines and leaves. The floor is glossed with the fruit of an aloe plant, and underneath, crushed cinnamon can be seen. Everyday, the herby smell of the room changes, but never the layout. There is one closet and a small bed, which is never set. Its tea- brown with white stripes running down, just like CinnaBun's hair. The door is broken, can get stuck at one time and open too smoothly the next, and sometimes it even closes while you are steppin inside (imagine trying the door to find it stuck, then forcefully tugging at it to have.it open and slam into your face, then as you walk in, have it close on you and your leg.)

message 2: by Exos (new)

Exos (DemonUtauX) | 30 comments CinnaBun quickly opened the door and and shot in, hitting her shoulder on the opposite facing wall. She quickly changed to a more warm outfit, brushed her hair, waited for Spice to give her flying directions, then flew out in search for food.

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Exos (DemonUtauX) | 30 comments Sea creature, Lorina. wrote: "(This room is my favorite!)"

Thank you very much~))

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Kelsey (kfschall) | 42 comments ((Wow...that's all I can say!!))

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Exos (DemonUtauX) | 30 comments CinnaBun returned to her room, sack filled with with berries and mint leaves. She dropped her findings onto the bed and reached inside, pulling out a mint leaf, and started munching on it.
Then she reached inside again and pulled out an unidentified object, though, by rolling it around in her hands, it felt rough and cut and smelled strong and energetic.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Lune flew in. "Hi Cinnabun! Nice room you have! I just dropped by to see if I could have some berries, if that's okay with you. I'll get you some more later."

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Exos (DemonUtauX) | 30 comments "Oh, hello Lune, sure, let me just get some out from the sack, you don't have to repay me." CinnaBun replied. She reached into the sack and pulled out many ripe berries of all kinds, then went into her closet and retrieved a woven basket, where she gently placed each berry so they wouldn't get squished, she paused only to let Spice find Lune for her, then held the basket out to her.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Lune held the basket. "Thanks! I can't wait to eat them all! I really do favor these berries. Oh, and you will get a surprise soon anyway at the party for the queen! Thanks again!" She zoomed out to her room.

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Exos (DemonUtauX) | 30 comments CinnaBun waved as Lune left her room, then she changed into a white nightgown and slept.

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Exos (DemonUtauX) | 30 comments CinnaBun woke up with a start, changing into a simple checker patterned dress, then grabbed a mint leaf, stuffing it into her mouth,and flew out the door back to mermaid lagoon.

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