Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1) Hush, Hush question

What is better Lauren Kates Fallen or Hush Hush becca fitzpatrick????
Jellybug Jellybug Jul 06, 2011 05:47AM
personally i perfer hush hush. It is much better but i do like fallen to. Hush Hush i just perfer the characters. It grabs your attention straight away unlike Fallen. Also, Cresendo is awesome i cant wait for Silent to come out.

I don't think either of these are exactly the best series in their genres (there are definite weak plot points, characters, and some subpar writing that have weasled their way into books in both these series). If you directly compare the two.... Hush Hush comes out ahead. It may take a little leap of faith to really back Nora and Patch, but Daniel and Luce? I can't think of ANYTHING between them that is special enough to validate that "follow you through the pits of hell" sort of love that the series pushes. It's more like we are just "told" that Daniel and Luce belong together but never given any real justification for it. Even when things between Nora and Patch can get a bit unrealistic, at least I don't feel like the author is shoving it down my throat screaming "this is what destiny looks like, damn it!" /shrug

Kiah I agreewith what you're saying about Fallen. Also the ending seemed kind of cliche to me. It was very predictable and it felt like the author didn't p ...more
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deleted member Jul 06, 2011 09:57AM   2 votes
Hush, Hush for the win!! ! Seriously, it had more suspense, it was seriously intense, and plus it had Patch in it. So yeah, Patch beats Daniel in my book. So like I said before: HUSH, HUSH FOR THE WIN!! !

Hush Hush by a mile ! It was so romantic and im personally inlove with Patch! Fallen is dissapointing i agree

HUSH HUSH ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to me fallen was dull and boring...

deleted member Jul 06, 2011 07:59AM   1 vote
hush hush, by a mile!!

Hush Hush! agree fallen is so slow and boring and the main couple Luce & Daniel are sooo lame nothing compared to Patch & Nora.

hush,hush... sorry fallen

hush,hush is way better

Defiantly Hush Hush! its way more intense and Fallen has kinda just been "ehh..ok". Hush Hush always just kept be going and wanting to know more.

hush hush difintely

Christina *Cantarella* (last edited Jul 21, 2011 04:56AM ) Jul 12, 2011 09:44AM   1 vote
Hush Hush all the way! ^-^

Hush Hush! Hands down.

who's better than PATCH!!....i go for HUSH HUSH!!...........FALLEN SUCKS

hush hush defo because it had more twists that fallen and also as soon as u start reading it your attention is grabbed whereas fallen takes AGES to get into.

Hush Hush! Way more thrilling and the plot is more complicated, the characters are also better.
Fallen is disappointing.

Hush, Hush! without a doubt:D

..... Kinda hard to say. I like fallen because of the romance so it's the best wig that but wih the action I have to say hush,hush

Hush Hush is better because Lauren Kate's Fallen JUST DOESNT GIVE US ANSWERS! At the end of each book of the Hush Hush series, we learn a great deal of new stuff about the characters and solve the main questions of that particular book. But in Fallen series, with every book, say new 20 question marks appear and only 5 are revealed, so the question marks pile up!
The comparison between these two books clearly prooves that not only a good subject or plot is enough for a good book, the author is a vital effective in this manner.

Hush Hush


Hush,Hush all the way im totaly in love ith patch no offance to fallen but compared to Hush,Hush its sucks

I judge a book by the male character. if there is no male character I won't read it. here is my list of male charecters and their books

1.patch(hush hush)
4.william herondale<3(TID)
6.liam ( the darkest minds)
8.Evan walker( the 5th wave) legend)
10.cole Holland(the white rabbit chronicles)

there is more but I don't want to list them all

Hush Hush wins my vote, hands down! The Fallen may have beautiful lines worthy of a Facebook post but Hush Hush is more fast-paced and the plot is more complicated. I look forward to reading the Finale; Oct 23, 2012 can't arrive fast enough for me.

HUSH HUSH... although I have a huge crush on Cam from Fallen but Hush Hush is way better!!! and patch<3

Kiah I loved Cam too. I hated Daniel, I thought he was really annoying. Whereas Cam seemed like fun. I wish him and Luce had gotten together instead.
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Hush Hush. Hands down

Hush Hush is the best!! The best cant even describe how amazing it is!

I definitely prefer Hush Hush even though I like Fallen too. I read Fallen first but then Hush Hush really grabbed my attention . It had more suspence , I didn't want to put it down. I was reading Passion at the same time as Crescendo. Passion was kind of slow for me in a way, I kind of felt that I read it just 'cause I wanted to see what happened to Luce. While Crescendo had everything, suspence, action, romance . It made me laugh, it made me scared for Nora and it frustrated me sometimes :) and it also made me angry, thanx to Marcie, that b!@#$ .I HATE her. Am I right or am I right:)

I love both series! AGH! I cant pick!!

The Fallen books are written soooo much better than the Hush Hush books. Okay, at first Fallen is slow, but the books improve, have more plot and real characters you can sympathize with. They're not just superficial stories. Hush Hush was okay, but who-ever was crazy enough to actually publish this book should have his wings cut off, just like Patch.

I actually liked hush hush and crescendo better then fallen. hush hush was so romantic :)

I REALLY like Hush Hush!!! I havent read Fallen, nevertheless I heard that Fallen was good. But the reviews I read on here weren't so hot... So I vote HUSH HUSH! :D

I gotta say that Hush Hush wins hands down! The characters in Hush Hush have way more depth, you get to know them better and in Fallen, i honestly could hardly recall their names. I actually found the secondary characters a whole lot more interesting, which i pretty sure is a bad thing :)

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Brittany (last edited Sep 08, 2011 08:55PM ) Sep 08, 2011 08:55PM   0 votes
This is a no brainer I'm with Hush,Hush all the way ! I hated the book Fallen and I rarely hate any book every! I hated it so much that it inspired me to try writting when I never thought I couldn't write one sentence! I was thinking hey if someone can write such a horrible book and still get it out there then I said I could put dog shit on a page and sell it. Hush,Hush all the way and if it goes to movies I just hope they don't screw it up. :)

Hush, Hush hands down. Patch *swoon* :)


I LOVED BOTH and I TOTALLY CAN'T DECIDE! Ugh, this reeks! ! Hmm...PATCH IS SIZZLING HOT and FOR GODSAKE, I love CAM (MY DEMON)!! Too hard to choose but...

I'm on Hush, Hush this time 'cause I love Patch's character. Different than what I used to.

I love both..... SO MUCH! They're both amazing in their own way. I came with every intention of choosing one.... but i cannot bring myself to chose one over the other. Both have really strong elements to their stories.

Hush hush completely!!!
I like fallen tho but hush hush is way better

LOL. Everyone said hush hush. I <3 hush hush too.

Archangel (last edited Dec 02, 2020 12:35PM ) Dec 02, 2020 12:33PM   0 votes
FALLEN OFC... Yeahh FALLEN is slow But Beautiful...
I just like boys like Daniel. He's more perfect and ideal for this earth. He's not easy to read and i like it sm. And Sometimes I forget that there are no guys like Daniel...
And Book.... This book is an escape from reality
Non-standard characters who always stand next to each other
A guy who doesn’t look like every passerby
A girl who's beautiful but crazy
So... I'm in love with this book
i like HH too But Fallen is magical and adorable For me..

they're both great books but I have to say Hush Hushthere is no doubt about it!!

deleted member Jul 11, 2011 01:00PM   0 votes
Even though Nora is a complete idiot sometimes. Patch is awesome!

Hush Hush xD I love Fallen too, but I like Patch better than Daniel! <3

I have to agree with Hush Hush. But if you like fallen angel books, you should read Kim Wilkins - Angels of Ruin!!

Huhs, Hush. Fallen was terrible. Luce Price was possibly the worst character I've encountered. Makes Bella Swan seem very interesting in comparison.

i just cant choose. i love them both <3

Well since I attual couldnt even read Fallen (couldnt get into it at all) it has to be hush hush, which although started slow, has gotten better throughout.

Absolutely Hush Hush. I really struggled to get through Fallen.

Hush Hush is amazing. It should already be a movie.

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