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message 1: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments Please discuss Chapters 1 to 19 of Madame Tussaud here.

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (violaashford) | 10 comments I hope to get this from the library tomorrow!

message 3: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments I'm hoping to get to this soon! I have it on my Kindle, but I'm trying to finish up another book first (I have way too many books going right now).

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (violaashford) | 10 comments I've got it and I'm hoping to start it soon. I have too many books going too!

message 5: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (bookmoodreviews) | 61 comments Me too! Trying to get GAme of Thrones finished first.

message 6: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments I am ALMOST finished with I Am the Chosen King - one more day or two.

One thing I have to admit is that I didn't realize that the Madame Tussaud of this book was in anyway related to the Madame Tussaud wax museums. I think I just assumed that was a made up name!

message 7: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments I have finally started this book! I'm really enjoying it so far - it seems like it should be a pretty quick read (lately books have been dragging for me for some reason, so it's nice having one that's really keeping my interest). I never had any interest in going to one of those Madame Tussaud wax musuems, but now I kind of want to! I'd really like to check out the one in London (I think it may have a little history part which talks about Marie and some old figures).

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (violaashford) | 10 comments I am enjoying this book. It is simply written but it captures the strange atmosphere of Versaille and the horror of The Terror. I like the descriptions of how the wax figures are made.

Madame Tussaud is an engaging character - she is very likeable and strong. The others are all well-rounded as well.

The only problem is that the story is rather gruesome - but as someone said, "It was called The Terror for a reason".

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