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 [♔] .queen's armor. Name:
type of dog:
Owner:(if none put stray)
Appearance:(pic if possible)
Personality:(Must be two full sentences)
History:(Must be two full sentences)
skills: (as in if the dog does any agility,frisbee ect.)
Mate: (ask first)
Personality: (Must be two full sentences)
History: (Must be two full sentences)
Bf/Gf: (ask first)

message 2: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) Hey, since the other RPs are full, I've decided to just join the new ones :D

Name: Marianna
Gender: Female
Type of dog: Yorkshire terrier
Age: 7 months
Owner: Chris
Appearance: description
Personality: She is a nice dog but mostly annoying and spoiled. She is selfish and a show off (because her owner is rich)
History: She was found in the pound by Chris and she seldom leaves her house. She became spoiled because Chris loves her so much.
Skills: Finding scent
Kin: -
Crush: open
Mate: none
Other: -


Name: Chris
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Looks: Tall, a little fat, black hair, black eyes.
Personality: He lives alone in a big house with only his dog. He really loves Marianna and gives anything to her. He is actually a kind and generous person. Very rich and sometimes arrogant.
History: His parents died when he was 16 and gave all their money to him. Studying in college and not working.
Family: only distant cousins
Bf/Gf: none
Crush: -
Other: loves eating.

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Name: Buds
Gender: female
type of dog: australian shepherd
Age: 3 mouths old
Owner: Rachel
Appearance: the first puppy
Personality: she is a fun loving little thing, she likes to make people laugh and loves to cuddle
History: nothing much
skills:she is going to herd the cattle and stuff like that on the farm when she older
Crush: none
Mate: open
Name: Rachel
Age: 24
Looks: she had blond hair and blue eyes little on the short side
Personality:She is one of those people that hate make up, she is tough around the edges but when you get to know her she is fun to be around
History: She had lived on a farm all her life
family: brother in Californa parents died
Bf/Gf: open
crush: open

 [♔] .queen's armor. Name: Felix
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Type of dog: border collie
Ownder: John
Personality: Femiz is a vart smart dog he loves to run,jump,play in the water and he knows so many unique tricks. he is loyel to his ownner jonh she satyed by his side at all time. he dose not run away. he is a good dog and vary vary smart thing dog is a pur breed border Colliie breed for agility Though out the hard years of training for felix he has the best time in the world of dog agility. his best score is 20 seconds. he is vary fast and loves what he does.
History: Felix and his ownder John went for a bote ride in the late fall close to winder the water was cold to the bone. the bote stped when they were out there in the ocean. the boat had seeweed stuck to the motter john tryed to pull it off and slipped in the water john was sinking, he hit his head on the motter and knowked himselft out. Feliox was barking and pasting back and forth, after a few seconds after john fell in the watter felix jumped in the watter swimming down and grabbed john on the back of his shirt with his teeth and pulled him back up the the serfis. Felix hooked the back to his shirt on other of the hooks on the boat so he woudent go back under. Felix jumped on the boat and pulled John on the boat with his teath using the back of his shirt. Felix licked john's face untill he came conshish again John new Felix saved his life that day from this point on Felix and John are unseprubel.
Skills: agility
Kin: Clover (Mom really famous aagility dog) Max (Father also really famous aagility dog)
Clover and max bouth died from old age a year ago.
Dog: Felix
Name: John
Age: 26
Looks: [image error]
Personality: Smart,Carring,Funny,Nice,fun to be around
History: (see in Felix historty)
Family: Mom and dad
Bf/Gf: Open
Crush: open

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