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 [♔] .queen's armor. NOTE: hey guys I know that you all like to make Charcters but this roplplay has a point when somone cant Rp in it cuz there are to many Charcters The amout that you can Only have in the Rp is two,if there is three i will let it pass, if the group isent full. but whent it becomes full plz only make one Charcters Thanks :)

Team: (Perrult,Lauri or Jack)
Rank: (like low or high power)
Position:(Apply for one)
Appearance:(picture if possible)
Personality:(Must be at least 2 full sentences)
History: (Must be be at least 2 full sentences
Kin:(if any)
Crush:(Remember to ask the person)
Mate: (Remember to ask the person)
Other:(no needed)

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 [♔] .queen's armor. Name: Clover
Gender: Female
Team: Perrult
Rank: High
Pisition: Leader
Age: Young adult so she is 4 years old.
Personality: Clover is a really high-strong female she is a good leader and she never gets lost. she is a loveable dog and she is really smart. she is tough, strong and loyel to her team as well as owner.
History: Clover was born into tranning for a sled dog her mom,father,granmother,and granfather were all sled dog leaders and champion lines. she was sold the the Perrult team after there old sled dog leader died from old age.
Kin: mom and farther.

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HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Name: Shimmer
Gender: Female
Team: Lauri
Rank: High
Position: Second Row Dog
Age: 5
Personality: Shimmer is a strong female and she has a will to win. She is smarter than most dogs but she is only friendly to her owner which is good and bad.
History: She was a husky living in Alaska her owner was going to start his own sled dog team so he placed her in a training camp for it. He never picked her up and she was given away luckily her owner saw her potetial and placed her on his team.
Crush: OPEN
Mate: OPEn

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Graystripe16(Back...again) | 230 comments Mod
Rank:Very very high
Postion:Lead Dog
Team:Lauris's team
Age:Young Adult
[image error]
PA: Buck is a nice dog at heart but the artic wilderness has made him tough and hard to get through to. He doesnt trust many dogs and takes his work very seriously as lead dog. He is definitely one of the strongest on the team and he will inflict some serious injuries. He can be caring though and will protect the friends that he has. You dont wanna mess with this wild brute.
Buck was born into a rich family and had a nice free roming life until one day he was captured by the house servant and was taken away to be sold to a sled team. The first team he was on had the meanest most uncaring master u could possibly think of. He cared nothing about his dogs and this made Buck the mean, ruthless dog he is today. When he was transferred to Lauri's team the lead dog was mean and nasty and only cared about his life and health. Eventually Buck took him down and left him for the wolves. Buck was made lead dog and has been ever since. He is one of the best known most wanted dogs in all of the business and he is all Lauris. Buck will never be seen as week or helpless again.
Mate:none for now
other: Has pulled 1000 pounds on a sled by himeslf before.

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 [♔] .queen's armor. Name:Kate
Rank: vary high
Postion: Lead Dog Follower
Team: Lauris's team
Age: Young Adult
App: [image error]
PA: Kate is a sweet dog she his strong and is willing to do anything her master will ask her. she LOVES to run she can go on for hours and never get tired she has a heart born to run. she also takes her job really serious. she will protect any dog or her master from danger. she is a outstanding Sled dog,she is tough and always ready to go.
Historty: kate was breed for training to be a sled dog she was born into Lauris's team bread with the old lead dog and a lead dog from another team. Kate once was All Alone with her and her master in a really big snow storm it was so big that everyone in town though they would bouth die, Kate's job was to bring him home safe. the next morning they bouth showed up at camp alive. Kate Also had a rogh live as a younger female,but she keeps that to herself.
Kin: (Dead)
Crush: OPEN!!
Other: Kate is strong but there lead dog Buck is Alot stronger then she is she tried to go past him but she cant,he is just to good,but Kate is the second best,well that is what she thinks. She also looks up to buck.
Theme song:

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Name: Ice
Gender: female
Team: Perrult
Rank: middle
Position: Back sled puller
Age: Adult
Personality: She seems like a sweet dog at first but she can be grumpy and won't give a dog any 'real' feelings unless their on her team. She is quite series about her job.
History: She was born in Canada and then got stolen and got shipped to where she is now, she got stolen at a young age so she doesn't know about her home in Canada. She has always been a sled dog, when she was in Canada her first owners were going to train her as a sled dog.
Kin: none
Crush: open
Mate: open

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Name: Maybelle
Gender: Female
Team: Perrult
Rank: Middle
Position: Back Sled Puller
Age: 3 years
Appearance: get later on my aunts computer
Personality: Maybelle is pretty shy she only talks to Ice who helps her pull the sled. But she is smart and a great puller. She never gets lost.
History: She was a stray Perrult found her when she was a puppy. She trained and named Maybelle to be on of her sled dogs. She has been training since she about 1.
crush: Buck
Other: She likes a dog from the competing team but no one knows she trys not to let them and she doesn't go easy on Lauris's team.

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 230 comments Mod
Kate issss sioooo PRETTY!! and buck is on lauri's team HungerGamesAddict

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Graystripe16(Back...again) | 230 comments Mod
5th right
Very high
Young Adult
[image error]
PA: Dru is a hard-working dog. He puts his work before anything else mostly because he just wants to get where he is going. Dru can be fun at times and sweet. He is caring and will fight to protect the ones he loves. Dru is much bigger than most of the others and no can rele tell why. They just no to stay out of his way.
Dru has secrets most dogs dnt know about. If they ever did they would be scared of him and turn against him.
Kin:(unknown for now)
other: 3 quarter wolf (shhh dont tell him told you!)

message 10: by Ella (new)

Ella (ellarosewood) | 47 comments Name:Perri (said Pear-ee)
Team: Lauri
Rank:high power
Position: second row
Personality:Perri is a snooty dog, that has lead Lauris's team for years, until Buck came. He hates Buck, and wants him killed.
History: Perri was born right after the team started, he was trained to perfection, and put as lead dog. He loves the team, except for Buck.
Mate: OPEN

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Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Name: Storm
Gender: male
Team: lauri
Rank: high
Position: left wheel dog
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: he is a loveable dog, he might look tough but he will roll over on to his back nad hope for a belly rub. He is wild and funny to watch is you have the time.
History: when he was a puppy his owner put him in a puppy race where they pull to pull bricks. He pulled fifthteen of them and he was the smallest.
Kin: the normal litter of brother and sister that have been sold and mom that died adter being sick and dad lost after his harness broke and he kept running and never found his way back.
Crush: open
Mate: open

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Ella (ellarosewood) | 47 comments can you fix the link, you just need a space between the colon(:) and the links beginning.

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 230 comments Mod
5th left
Perrults Team
Lowish rank cause he is new
Younger than most
App:[image error]
PA: Trueman takes his work seriously but likes to have fun. He is caring and sweet a good runner. He is brave to, the wilderness of the arctic has mad him tough and ruthless.
History: Trueman was taken from his mother as soon as possible and sent to a training camp. He was trained until he was old enough and big enough to be on a sled team. He was sent to Perrult's team and put as a back puller.
Mate:none for now
other: Youngest on the team.

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Name: Nikita
Gender: female
Team: Lauri
Rank: average
Position: 3rd left
Age: young adult 3 years
Personality: Nikita is a mix of things shes nice, but can be mean when she needs to be. shes tough she has run away multple times so she can fend for herself. Shes fast she can run forever she loves it so much. She knows when people need some space and when they need to talk to someone. She knows her her weaknesses DO NOT point them out to her. And of course she is VERY VERY sarcastic.
History: Shes a purebred her entire family were champions but she got tired of it so she ran away only to wind back up to where she didnt want to be.
Kin: location unknown

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Name: Jax
Age: 5
Rank: Best
Position: Lead Follwer
Gender: Male
Appearance: Husky
Personality: He is a fierce and kick ass dog. Jax is a giant dog but not as mean as he sounds. He is mean to other dogs thay are not on his team.
Hitstory: Jax used to be part of a little girls sled team when he was older he became Perrults dog.
Other: He is on Perrilts team

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 [♔] .queen's armor. Name: Max
Gender: Male
Rank: kinda high
Age: 5
Team: Perrult
Position: 2nd right
Looks: [image error]
Personality: Max is a veart high-stong dog he loves to fun,play and chase things he is also really brave he will take on anything. he gets along with his team but he hates Jax he always fights with him. Max can be a varry agressive dog, dont let his cute and cuddly side fool you.
History: Max was born into another team they sold him for being to aggreasive tords the other dogs. One ime when max and the team were out running she spotted a grey wolf her slipped out of his harnes and broke the chane running after the wolf clover stoped and yelled at him to come back but her woudent listen to her. Max attacked the wolf and bit his neck putting the wolf into a tight hold max jaws were string and after a while the wolf feel down dead. Clover was really mad with max. but max just did it to save his team from a hungy wolf.
Kin: mom dead farther was part a wolf wich mack max part wolf.
Crush: Rue
Mate: Open

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Ella (ellarosewood) | 47 comments oh yeah. I've got an idea! His name is Lars like I want it to be, but he goes by Jack in the towns.

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ash. aww i love all the charris!

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Karma (KarmaClaws) | 16 comments Can I have Ice since whoever made her deleted their account???

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