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message 1: by John, (~^u^~)V (last edited Jul 06, 2011 08:27PM) (new)

John x (radishfriends) | 867 comments Mod
This is the third writing contest and it closes on the 20th.

Writing Topic: Lost in Thoughts

*No more than 1,000 words
*There can only be a mention of no more than 5 people/characters total.

*Must have at least one line of dialog
*The character must be going somewhere
*The story must start with the character at Point A and the story ending with the character at Point B. (The character must start someplace and end at a different place).
*Must describe what is surrounding them for at least 1 paragraph.

Hints when writing: Keep the reason of "why" on the down-low, the reader doesn't need to know why everything is happening or why everything did happen.
Be descriptive, the surroundings will probably be your main points of interest when the person is getting to where they need to go.

Please Enter in this format:

Current username:
Entry Title:
Word Count:

Please enter. We are not bias when judging and everyone's entry will get read. ;)

Please do not post anything other than your entry. (only 1 entry per person)

message 2: by Iviana (The Sign Painter) (last edited Jul 06, 2011 08:59PM) (new)

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) Current username: Iviana (The Sign Painter!)
Entry title: Walk.
Word count: 314

I'm walking. 

The trees sway oh-so-silently to the soft breeze that doesn't move the swings enough for them to squeak. The fountain and the birds' songs and chirps are the only noises I can hear. 

(Splash. Tweet.)

I'm still walking. 

No one's here. No children playing in the sandbox or swinging on the monkey bars or sliding down the painfully bright yellow twisty slide. No people are chatting on the benches.

(Blow. Swish swish. Swish swish.)

I don't know where I'm going. 

The sun is bright, and beating down on me. It's not too hot. It shouldn't be, for any one else. But I'm wearing  a black shirt and dark jeans. So I guess that doesn't help. 

( )

I guess I shouldn't be going anywhere. 

The trees and swings and slide and sand and emptiness are all behind me now. Buildings pass by. There are a few people here and there. They're not talking to each other. 

(Mutter. Mumble. "Excuse me. Pardon me.")

I really don't care, though. 

They pass by me. So do more buildings. A corner's coming. It rounds off and there's a staircase down. That passes by, too. So do the ill-lit walls and tunnel. People crowd all around me. 

(Sign. "Passengers missing. We're looking for you.")

I should stop walking. 

They pass, too, with some haste. A door slides open. I'm surrounded by people, some sitting, some standing and holding on to overhanging metal bars. I hold on to a metal bar. People are lurched back. The tunnel starts moving. 

(Crank. Shudder.)

I'm not walking. 

The tunnel keeps moving. There are some lights on the walls, some over hanging. It's so hard to see. There's a loud screech.

(Screech. "What's going on?")

I've stopped.

There are lights on both sides of me. People are screaming. I'm holding on to the metal bar. 

(Yelling. "Oh my God." "Let me out!")

I'm dead.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 1050 comments Mod
Current UserName: Asami
Entry Title: My Voice
Word Count:

"Come on!" Manager said, clapping his hands. "If this takes any longer then the fans will mob us!!"

Geun smirks, while the rest of us pull away from our make-up artists and smooth out our clothes. I smile. Showtime. We start walking toward the stage when i hear it. BANG BANG BANG!

"What was that?" Kaung says turning around looking back.

That was when they pulled bag over our heads. I scream as loud as i can, but i feel myself being gaged. Then im knocked out.

I wake up in a.... somewhere? Something? My feet and hands are tied together. Guen and Kaung are next to me, looking as grim as i am. My head huuuuurts. "M-m-manager?" I say, looking across at Manager Kim. What is happening.

"Where taken hostiage. They want money." Kaung whispers to me. I look at the gunmen posted at the doors of this place. That was when i hear more gunfire, and the army bursts in!!

"Hey. Hey!" Guen shakes my shoulder, "What you have stage fright?" He says, pretending to be annoyed. "Come on their waiting." He and Kaung walk onto the stage. I follow. I swear, i should write some of these things down. The things in my imagination, i mean, like what would happen to three rockstars that were taken for randsom? I take the mike out of the stand and the crowd roars. I smile and start my song.

message 4: by John, (~^u^~)V (last edited Jul 20, 2011 02:23PM) (new)

John x (radishfriends) | 867 comments Mod
Current username:John
Entry Title: Thankful for rust.
Word Count:704

The door swung shut with a creek from its rusty hinges. I didn’t care about oiling the door because it wasn’t worth my time. The door was old, breaking, and it matched everything else left in its surroundings. The whole world has deteriorated from a modern world that was self absorbed in media, to a word that has become a wasteland. I start walking down the alley that is usually peaceful and, in my eyes, is the most beautiful things that this Earth has.
There is a stained fence that run’s down the whole length on the left side of where I walk. The land on the other side of it was bought out by a factory that just adds to the pollution. On the other side there is just a four foot concrete wall. Beyond the wall is a drop that goes down for a good three stories. At the bottom are more buildings that have also grown to the age where rust has taken its toll; paint peeling, bolts lost, breaking.
I walk past another house, its brown water dripping off the top of the roof from a recent rainfall we had. Rainfalls now are dangerous; acidic rain that can feel as if it burns your skin. But that isn’t what it does. The water gets into the skin and then starts to separate the cells giving it a burning effect. I try my best to stay away from any water now-a-days. I drink bottled water; never from the tap, because if I did, I might end up like my friend, Stephanie. She was now on her way to death with her cells breaking apart with every step I take. But that is nothing to worry about.
The effect of the water takes hours to even start to show. It starts with soreness and in the time of 24 hours, the spot will become red and start to dry and skin would start to break away. My friend just started feeling the symptoms and whenever that happens, it is advised to not take any chances and take the medicine. And that is where I am headed now, because I took the last two pills and didn’t replace them. The pills will get rid of any remnants of the tainted water that is in the human body. Sadly, the pill doesn’t work on animals, and we couldn’t create a new medicine in time before the acid rain make its mark on every forest, every animal, everywhere.
Despite all of the negative effects on the Earth, I love it here. It is a mess but the true beauty is not on the Earth anymore. With the media almost dead and everything broken and old, it makes me appreciate the small things that I get. Just the fact that I am able to get medicine for my friend, I am thankful for, or even when we eat, I’m thankful. It is my state of mind, that it could be worse. My life is if wealthy and I can afford the medicine; there are families that can’t, and there are kids that are dead.
“Watch where you’re going, freak!” A man yelled as our shoulders knocked into each other.
He scoffed at me and turned back and went on his way. I would rather not speak to anyone other than the people I know I can trust. That man right there was probably carrying a gun in his pocket and he would have shed bullets on me without a second thought. I try to never have moments like that happen, but my mind floods with thoughts of this world that I get distracted. But I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut in situations like that, to not mess with people, not to trust people anymore.
I’m perfectly fine with everything though. 'You don’t mess with me, I don’t mess with you' is what I live by. And always will. This is what Earth is, what it has become and we all have to deal with it. I open the door to the pharmacy and then walk in. The money jingles in my pocket as I step over the door frame, and for that, I am thankful.

message 5: by Kat (new)

Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments Name: Kat
Title: A Chicago Drive
Wordcount: 361
The sickly yellow glow of passing street lights casts a moving hue over Ethan’s face. I study him intently, the wire frame of his glasses, the lead color of his hair. His hands are tight on the steering wheel, his obvious discomfort and nervousness pains me, but I need to do this. The moon is a sliver, casting a small light on the city buildings and lake Michigan. You would think at two A.M Chicago would be quiet and still. I never knew how much nightlife thrived here.
We continue, getting deeper into the city. My nervous hands click the lock on the door shut. A small, bitter smile comes to his face and he clicks his lock too. I study the antique interior of the truck out of boredom. The worn leather is smooth beneath my finger tips, and the dusty dash board has many maps and travel books strewn across it. There are floor pads beneath my sneakers, it is caked with dry mud, that also clogs the vent down there. For a moment I wonder if I should bring it to his attention, but I decide against it, he knows every detail of this car.
As he pulls into the parking lot of the club, my heart is beating a mile a minute. My hands are shaky and clammy and my eyes are darting from side to side. It’s just like before diving into a swim event. Your adrenaline makes you impulsive and reckless, and your instincts kick in. My mind is screeching as I step out of the car and greet Hawk.
“You came.” His rugged voice reminds me of someone who has emphysema, which is probably a possibility. His cigarret is sticking out the side of his cracked lips, and his drugged, dead eyes bore into my bright blue ones.
“I keep my promises.” I reply slyly, as Ethan exits the car. I didn’t tell him about my deal. I’m 75% certain that Hawk is a man of his word. No harm will come to my friends or my family.
A gunshot rings out, and I look around to see who was shot.
I black out.

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 688 comments Hey, John. To judge this one do you want to try poll again? DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF. Please, people have some integrity. If you did not read all the stories do not vote, this is the honesty policy and we will catch you if you vote for yourself.

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