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Tolstoy - Sleeping on the stove

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message 1: by Pete (new)

Pete | 3 comments Can anyone describe the stoves/ovens that people are mentioned as sleeping upon in some of Tolstoy's books, for example Uncle Khvyodor in "Three Deaths", or Avdeyev's father in "Hadji Murat".

message 2: by Oksana (new)

Oksana | 19 comments It's a traditional Russian oven, it could take up to half of the small peasant hut. Here are some pictures.

message 3: by Pete (new)

Pete | 3 comments thanks - now I can visualize the scene in the book

message 4: by John (new)

John | 30 comments The thing is, it is not a stove (in the traditional version, there is no cooking range on top), but a furnace for heating that doubles as an oven. As a furnace, it needs to have large heat capacity, basically, large mass, since it is not permanently in operation, but is fired maybe once a day in the morning, and then it works as a heat capacitor (very efficient, as opposed to British fireplace that have to keep fire at all time). In the evening, the furnace is still comfortably warm, so one can use the top as a bed base, it is the warmest and coziest sleeping place in a traditional farmer log cabin.

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