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Here you can introduce yourself and how you came into the Pro-Life movement. You can talk about your personal experiences or just talk and get to know people who are fighting the good fight as well :)

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Hey whats! up thanks for joining :D

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no prob! and nothing you??

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well now im watching this weird cat walking across your comment :P

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That. Is. Amazing.

I'm Dawn btw...... *fazes while looking at the cat*

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how did you do that?

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Jojo (jojothemasterofrandomness) | 5 comments sneaky kitty.... I like it.

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hello awesome random person i am Victoria! I was born a Mormon polygamist (no not the type that you are forced to marry at a young age) After discovering and learning things about the book of Mormon and facts about why it wasn't true I then wanted to get to know god, on a personal level. I was saved on October 14 2011 and I have been pro-life for a long time and only getting stronger. I am studying about it and finding more and more reasons not only bionically why it is wrecked but also scientifically.

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Chami | 5 comments Hi guys!

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Hello everyone :) i know i've been kinda MIA for a while but i just want to thank you all for your interest and as for Victoria welcome and congratulations, that's an amazing feat and may God richly bless you and your family.

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Taylor Hey, guys! I'm Taylor, a Mormon pro-lifer. (Victoria was probs FLDS…a weird break-off of Mormonism…they practice polygamy, not us.) I don't have much experience with the pro-life movement, except that I decided at a very young age that most cases of abortion were unethical and I wanted to ensure that the law backed ethical decision-making.

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Awesome :D Welcome to the group!

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Taylor Silent revolution indeed….

☆Meredith (メルたん)♪ (punkwayistheonlyway) | 1 comments I'm Catholic and like to help out an organization called Birthright which promotes that every mother has the right to keep her child. Most of the fight I do against abortion is in prayer.

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Pamela Ewen (pamelabinningsewen) | 1 comments Hi Everyone! I have written a book, AN ACCIDENTAL LIFE, about the reality that some babies are born alive during late term abortions and then left to die. Please check this book out and pass it on to your friends. This is a very ugly truth that needs to be uncovered in our nation.

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Dean Thompson (dean_thompson) | 2 comments Hi everyone,

I am the activism author of the intense, Pro-Life Pro-Woman thriller, Her Choice.
Her Choice
Her Choice, takes one on a compelling journey into desperation, as it brings its powerful message of courage to the closely interwoven lives of rape and abortion survivor, Maria Vargas, the unexpectedly pregnant, Kat Reed ... and the malevolent, Tio Sanchez.

In addition to my activism writing, I have been quietly involved in and supportive of the Pro-Life community for almost ten years.

I look forward to adding what little value I can to this group’s discussions.

For additional information on my Pro-Life stand, please select the “Rambings” button on

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John | 1 comments Hi, everyone.

I recently published my first book, Parenthood Starts at Conception: Mathematical Fact from the Book of Genesis.

The project I got into was anything but planned. I’m simply a CPA who was studying the Book of Genesis on my own and looking at parallel stories of the New and Old Testaments. I wasn’t searching to find anything in Scripture regarding when life and when parenthood begin; nevertheless, I found something.

I was able to resolve a math problem/enigma in Genesis that had been known of for decades and called ”an almost insoluble puzzle”. When I first believed I’d resolved the puzzle, I joined a group online [i.e. Biblical Hermeneutics Stack Exchange (BHSE)]. It’s a group of professors, theologians, and general Scripture readers from various religions, beliefs, and countries. While they analyzed my findings and agreed I had the only possible answer, I searched and found two additional math issues within Genesis. These were also hard to detect because they too were combinations of verses from two or more chapters. There was only one answer to all three problems (i.e. "life" / childhood and parenthood must begin simultaneously at conception). Thinking that way, the three math problems get resolved; otherwise they don't.

Feel free to visit my website for more information, contacting me, etc.

I look forward to talking, reading, and learning with you.

Thanks, John

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