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Lots of excersize equipment. Her journal is locked in her desk. All things glee club is also in the drawer. Her secret shake mix is by her desk. Don't bother Sue. Ever.

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Corvette banged on the door. "Open up Sue!"

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Corvette banged on the door. "Open up Sue!"

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Sue had been writing in her journal. She looked up and closed the journal and locked it in her desk. "Who are you and what do you want!"

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"Im nobody, and I want to talk to you!" She kicked the door with her foot. "Open this door."

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"Fine. But this better be good kid." Sue opened the door.

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Corvette marched in. "Sit down, this is going to be a LONG talk..."

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"Actually you need to get on the floor and do some sit ups. I can feel the fat on you and it's not pretty." Sue said getting on her elliptical.

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Corvette sighed. "Thats exactly what I need to talk to you about! You're killing the cheerios...and...its not humaine to make them THROW UP!"

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"Well you see it's not up to me how they lose weight. It's up to them. That's their choice to make. I said drink this, it will make you less fat and disgusting to look at. You might want to try it out, your so disgusting I have to shield my eyes from the horror."

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" your yelling. I find this discussion offensive to the way I teach. Now look at me. I haven't had a proper meal since the 1976. I'm the perfect model of health. I'm on the cover of splits magazine, and I have my own section on the news. Every one of my cheerios wants to be me. And lets face it, you want to be one of them. I will gladly accept you in but only if you lose 15 pounds. I'll weigh you in next week."


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She gasped. "I don't want to be a Cheerio Sue! I want you to learn the actual healthy way of teaching children right from wrong! Kristi is in the bathroom spitting bile up everywhere, while you...think so damn highly of yourself! It's wrong!!! And I won't let this pass! I'll boycot the Cheerios...everything associate with them, and you will fail, Sue!!! You are just...horrible! And I like myself! And I wouldn't change for some old...HAS-BEEN LIKE YOU!"

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"Hmmm...I'm going to stop you there." She got off of the elliptical. "You are saying lies. Every one of them. And they are really boring. So I'm going to ask you to leave my office now."

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((Brb!!! So glad your on!!!))

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(i'm watching rocky horror! hehe talking about it made me wanna watch it again so i am!)

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((Lucky you!!! I watched the Toucha Me song from Glee like forty times today...poor Emma....))

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(k soo...corvette and harrison...titanic harrisn...)

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((I'm going, I'm going))

Corvette bit her lip. "'ll see Sue, how wrong you are!"

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(listen closly...not for very much longer...)

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((Ive got to...keep control!


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(oh sorry...)
"Don't make me ask again." Sue said leading Corvette to the door. She opened it and pushed her out. She closed it and locked it. She took out her journal and began to write. it me? Am I the cause of these problems? No. Of course not. It's that stupid GLEE CLUB. She wrote.

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Corvette sighed, and walked away. She screamed, so Sue could hear 'AT LEAST IM NOT A LONELY OLD HAG!!!"

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((Hey Janet....Yes Brad? Ive got something to say...A-Huh? I really love...the skillful beat the other girls to the brides bouquet...Oh, brad...))


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(its your drug)
(i've made a man...blonde and with a tan.)
"And at least I'm not a fat little hippie." She muttered.

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((She isn't even fat!))

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(ik but to sue everyone but her cheerios are disgusting little fattys)

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(back to kristi and corvette?)

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([in song]
Riff Raff: With a bit of a mind flip...
Magenta: You're into a time slip...
Riff Raff: And nothing can ever be the same.
Magenta: You're spaced out on sensation. HAH!
Riff Raff: Like you're under sedation!
All: Let's do the time warp again!

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Corvette knocked on the Door. "Sue, it's me..."

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"I thought we were done with this conversation."

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"I...want to say I'm sorry...and also ask you something..."

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"Ask away. Your apology has not been accepted yet, I get back to you on that later.

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She nodded. "Sue...if I...can meet your criteria...I would like to be...a Cheerio...I'll...I'll lose all the damn weight you want..." The words burned her throat uneasily

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"Hm...lose 15 pounds. I'll weigh you in next week. We'll see how you do then we'll talk. If you do good we'll get you your uniform."

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She smiled. "Great...thank you...I'll...I'll start now..."

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"Go. Now. You have a lot of weight to lose. Wait...come in." Sue unlocked the door and pulled her in. "Make this." She showed her the shake. "Drink it instead of meals, no sweets no nothing. Most of all now excuses."

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She nodded. "T-thanks...I think...and...I'm sorry, again..."


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(awwww bibi)
"As I said before. Now leave my presence and lose weight."

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She nodded, and left. She snickered. This was going to be great, fooling the Cheerios.

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Sue sighed and locked the door.

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Kristi knocked on the door. "You called for me Ms. Sylvester?" Sue opened the door. "Good. I need you to get your cheerio pals. Two more. And spy on glee club. Join their forces. Sing the songs dance, you know the works. But bring it back to me. We are going to bring this club down." Kristi smiled. "I'll get started right now." "Good. Now...time to weigh in. Make sure your not getting fat." Kristi nodded and stood on the scales. "'ve already lost your five. Good job Kristi. I'll see you at practice." Kristi nodded and walked out, her uniform bouncing with each step.

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Sarah knocked gently on the door hoping Sue wouldn't answer.

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Sue looked at the girl. "Well well...Sarah...come in I guess. Just don't have your water break all over my chairs.'

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"I'm not even fat yet,so save your jokes."

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Sue rolled her eyes. "But I'm making them up early. I'm coming up with one for when your 4 months. What do you want kid?"

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"I have still kept my weight down."

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"So? What do you think it's going to look like on my interviews. So Sue I heard you have a pregnant girl on your team. Then I say: yep. She is gaining weight and no one can pick her up. It's horrible. Why should I keep you on the team?"

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