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Three Musketeers

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Dan Davidson Is The Three Musketeers required reading for this book?

Old-Barbarossa No.
The rare Dumas books are just a MacGuffin to help drag you into the shady world of rare book dealers.
If memory serves, you'd be better reading something by Dennis Wheatley rather than Dumas as a primer.

Christian Dan wrote: "Is The Three Musketeers required reading for this book?"

It's not necessarily a requirement but the three Musketeers is still one of to most gripping adventure stories ever written. I'm just in the process of rereading them and enjoy it like the first time.

Candida Hernandez Reading it is not necessary for the enjoyment of this book but it is a great book as are it's companions. I have several different editions just because I love it so much and read it every year. Dumas is quite a character and it shows in his writing.

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