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What's your favorite book from the Harry Potter series?

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Lucy After reading this whole series, what is your favorite book? I'd have to say mine is The Goblet of Fire (#4) because while it is a little drawn out I loooooveeee the idea of a competition and I really love the end when Voldemort comes back to power.

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Juliet The Half-Blood Prince because it had a lighter mood in it than the one before it, it was funny and quirky, but at the same time you knew danger was just around the corner.
The Deathly Hallows is my second favorite because it had so much action and your questions were answered throughout the book, not just in the first or last chapters.
The Goblet of Fire is my third favorite because I love/hate all the new characters introduced, and I think the Tournament was so cool.

Megan   Mine's #4, 'cause I love all the new things introduced, international wizard schools, new characters, not to mention Harry's romantic troubles. I loved the tournament, and the fantastic challenges it offered to the characters.

Megan Baxter I'm going to take a minority view (and trust me, I love them all), and say the first book. Philosopher's Stone does such a wonderful job of setting out the rules of the world and creating an entirely engrossing set of characters and creations.

Also, I love the first line of the first book very, very much. It sums up the Dursleys' so very well, and sets the stage for everything Harry won't be.

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Prisoner of Azkaban and Deathly Hallows

Hayley I still love the first book best, in part for nostalgic reasons. I was around nine when I read The Sorceror's Stone, and still connect this particular book with my initial introduction to Rowling's Wizarding World, a place that struck me with the richness of its imagination right from the beginning.

There is so much wonder in this book. I like discovering magic with Harry and find neverending entertainment in the idea that he's been famous his whole life and never knew it. A lot of Harry Potter's draw comes from a "what if" factor. Rowling's world feels so real, so complete, that readers wonder: what if it could be true, what if it could be me? It's the thing that makes kids wait for owls on their eleventh birthdays and hope that even though their lives are ordinary, even though they are lonely, even though they feel insignificant, they just might be wizards and not know it yet. There might be a castle full of kindred spirits just waiting for them.

I like the dark, scary stuff that comes later on, but I am even more fond of the sense of beginings and possibilities that The Sorceror's Stone brings.

Filipe GB Can't choose between 6th and 7th. Both Voldemort and Dumbledore story lives... ^^

But still, ALL of them AMAZING.

Just my opinion, sorry for bad english ;)

Kressel Housman 5 & 6

Valeria It's really hard to choose since they're all so great but my all time favorites are Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets & Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Keiji Miashin I'd say... Prisoner of Azkaban for introducing the Marauders and Deathly Hallows for being just overall the best written and tense of them all. That said, Deathly Hallows had an unsatisfying ending so the final prize goes to #3.

haribo :D my favourite harry potter would have to be the deathly hallows and that is why i was very disappointed with the first half of the film because it didnt portray it totally accurate to the book. The book ending is also very good (but i wont spoil just in case)my second favourite has to be the prisoner of azkaban because a lot of revelations occur.

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The Last one. It had so much action I loved it. I also liked the 3rd and 6th one. The 6th one was a bit funny and the 3rd was just plain awesome.

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AJ i agree with the 3rd

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Ethan I love the whole series. By the time I had gotten to the sixth one in third grade I finished it in a week. I love the whole series though

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AJ Same

Maxine 6th and 7th

Mattie I loved the seventh book it made the book so... exiting to me I thought the other books lacked tragedy so when I read the last book it made up for the others except I thought the sixth was good to for the same reason.

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AJ 7th and 3rd and 2nd

Mattie o... good ones

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AJ yahz

Mattie um...what?

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AJ yah- z

Mattie ok?

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AJ k

Ariel I used to really "hate" number 5. Well, not hate; I love all the HP books. More like, I liked number 5 less than the others. However, I later started liking it more and more and more and...why? I just really like books where the characters "rise up" against some really unfair "tyrants". Which happened in ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.

Still, I've always really enjoyed books 1 and 7. So I guess my favorite(s) would be 1, 5, and 7.

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The Romance Bookie My favorite was always the Goblet of Fire, because I LOVED the Triwizard cup, however, even though I liked the movie, I thought the movie was so gloomy. The entire time it was so cloudy in that movie, not one time was there sunshine, like in the other films. And I really missed the funny bits in between that weren't anything significant, like in the third one, when the little bird is chirping and then gets wacked by the weeping willow. It was such a small humorous thing! It was things like that I missed in the fourth movie. But the book was amazing!

However, (sorry!), I also really loved the ending of the seventh book. A lot of people have told me they thought it was cheesy, but I love cheesy! :)


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Kira deathly hallows (:

Mercutio i liked the order of the phoenix cause tonx was introduced and shes my fav.

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Erin O'Riordan It's really hard to decide. I would say 2-4 and 7 are all excellent. My favorite would have to be either Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3) by J.K. Rowling or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4) by J.K. Rowling

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Jennifer Dupriest I'd have to say third and seventh :)

SarahO I'd have to say Deathly Hallows (because it's the last and is just awesome), Prisoner of Azkaban (Because I love Lupin and Sirius), and Order of the Phoenix (Because it introduces the DA. Although Umbridge is my most hated character in all of literature.)

Anshu #3 prisoner of azkaban & #7 the deathly hallows were my favorites!

Kelly The fourth one is definitely my favorite! I love that we were introduced to other magical schools aside from Hogwarts, and I love the idea of the tournament. But I think it's my favorite because the fourth book is really the turning point of the whole series. The focus of the books completely shifted with this one, and it really set the mood for the remaining books.

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Katie My favorite is year 3. Followed closely by year 1. I absolutely love Sirius and Lupin's stories being introduced in year 3, and of course the idea of finding out you belong to a better world then the one you know as in year 1.

Bipin Half blood prince.

Hannah Meiners Mine was the 3rd one, becaues there was alot of Sirius. And Sirius is amazing!!!

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BBK Half Blood Prince.

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Terry Palardy Read them all so long ago, it seems ... bartering with my young son for time with the book. I don't remember the number or title, but i loved the one where the ministry of magic sent that horrid woman to replace Dumbledore as the head of Hogwarts ... it coincided nicely with our state's requirements of standardized tests. Her character parodied the bureaucrats so well! And our principal at the time was as wise and kind as Dumbledore himself.

Prerak well I guess, for me DEATHLY HALLOWS was the BEST of all, because of some unforgettable chapters and stories like THE KING'S CROSS and Snape's story and the MASTER PLAN of Dumbledore and awesome way the game ends finally...plus that part when Harry is revolving around Voldy before the final hit...thats TOOOOO awesome.

then i preferred the part of Voldemorts Life Story in Half Blood Prince...and the part of Dark TIMES and terror in Order of the Phoenix....i DISLIKED FOURTH PART...GOBLET OF FIRE, cuz it had so much goin on, that i lacked lusture...but then I regained interest in the end, when Dumbledore explains the secret of TWIN CORES AND PRIORI-INCANTATUM

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Inez Ruiz My favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Askaban.I loved the time travel concept.

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Tara Order of the Phoenix.

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they were all egually good to me

Stephanie | PaperbackswithSteph My absolute favorite was 3 because that's when Sirius and Lupin were introduced to the series. Then Deathly Hallows because that book was very exciting and had a lot of action.

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Rena I would choose the first book, because that took us into the series. But I liked them all.

Sarch Ridiculous question. 7th.

Maxine agreed ^^

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Gary Mitchell Book 4 and Book 6

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Jodi Mechen without a doubt, Prisoner of Azkaban

Irwin I enjoyed them all.

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