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Emissaries of Archeote reviewed by G. Wilhite

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Mason Kuldinow Review by George Wilhite:

Two Native Americans, Carmel Crow Woman and Ben Stormrider, cross paths at a biker meet in the desert. They fall in love and hit the road to have some time alone and later for Ben to meet Carmel's family but are haunted by a shared vision of impending doom.
Meanwhile, two parallel storylines depict the Emissaries of Archeoté, the real world manifestation of the demons from their vision, and that of the relentless soldier pursuing them.
Kuldinow skillfully cuts between these three plot lines, keeping the reader's interest in each separate set of characters but also building our suspense as to how all of them will come together. When all does converge, Kuldinow provides an exciting and satisfying climax.
The characterizations are vivid and Kuldinow provides insightful glimpses into both the Native American culture and the complexities of military conflicts in the Middle East, the setting for the parallel story. You really come to care about Carmel, Ben and the others they meet on their journey.
While there is a well-developed mythical element to this novel, much of the fear and suspense originates in situations that could easily happen given the right circumstances.
This novel is well-crafted and filled with great action as well as thoughtful meditations on its themes. Though it is quite unique in plot and style, if I was forced to make a comparison I would call it a cross between a Dale Brown military thriller and a Southwest mystery by Tony Hillerman but all with a healthy dose of the supernatural as well.
I highly recommend checking it out and keeping an eye on Mason Kuldinow.

Mason Kuldinow I would like to be compared to Carlos Castaneda, because so much of it is in a visionary scope; but you gotta take what you can get.

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