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Rough Drafts!

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Suzanne Hurley | 1 comments Hi Lynda,

Do you write a ton of rough drafts or do you know pretty well exactly what you intend to write. For instance, do you ever make huge changes as you go and have to go back and do lots of re-writes? Are you sometimes surprised how your characters end up? Just curous. :)
Sue Hurley

message 2: by Lynda (new)

Lynda Simmons | 5 comments Mod
I usually start a book six or seven different ways. It's how I find my way into a story, even when I'm quite clear about what I want to write. I have to find the right voice for the character and then let him walk around and talk to other characters in order to really get to know him. Then I write in a more or less straight line to the end, but I always let msyelf go off on tangents when they present themselves. It never fails to amaze me what one line of dialogue can do, and how it can change everything you thought you knew about the story. Sometimes the tangents fizzle out, taking me nowhere at all and I end up back where I was, changing that damned line of dialogue that started the whole thing. But other times those tangents take me in directions that I end up liking much more than my original one. The way I see it, if you don't surprise yourself, you're sure not going to surprise the reader! Following tangents does lead to more revision and rewriting, but that's just part of the process. And you hae to love the process in order to keep pounding the keys!

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