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Three story town house in the middle of a large, busy, city, way up north in Norway, where it is always cold. Large pale bamboo floorboards lead to an all glass spiral staircase that connects the levels. Third floor is the bedroom, with a large bamboo futon that overlooks the windows, with a view of the city skyline. His desk with all his novels and computer sits in a On the second floor, a fireplace sits in a corner of the room, a large pale leather chaise-couch stands against the red brick wall. The kitchen is also on this floor, with pale white marble lining the bench tops. On the bottom floor there is another fireplace, couch and also a large, black marble sculpture of Io and Zeus. Bright splashes of color everywhere in rebellion to the Winter Court and pale floors in rebellion to the Summer Court.

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((lol. K))
I jog up to Branco's house. The iron beating down on me. But since I was a step away from being Mab, it wasn't too bad. "Branco?"

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((I gotta go to bed... Nighty))

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Branco opens the door, used to the Iron from outside, shirt off, he steps into the cold and gives Laura. "Come in"

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Ash was walking along the road. She saw a house with iron. She was alright with iron, since she was the most human of the fae.

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((No iron in his house. ^_^))

Branco saw Ash. He nodded and motioned for her to come in too.

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Ash saw a familiar solitary fey signal to her to come in. She went.

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Branco smiled "Ash, come in"

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Ash smiled. This faerie looked so familiar... "Do I know you..."

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Bronco nodded. "I was once a Royal in the Winter Court"

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"Oh... Right. I remember you... You're the faerie prince that got sick of politics!" Ash laughed.

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Branco held his head high. "Yes, yes I was"

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"I understand exactly... Mab is such a bitch."

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Branco laughs "Come in? Something to drink, Ash?"

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This faerie looked so similar to her. Well, maybe it was because of his royal fae blood...

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"The name's Branco? Ring any bells?"

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"You're a... Cousin? Yes, you are!"

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Branco's smile widened. "Remember me now, cuz?"

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"Of course! Cousin Branco! How could I have forgotten? Well, it's been ages!"

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He nodded. "Five years, actually. So, what brings you here? Have a seat" He pointed at the couch. "Anything to drink, cuz?"

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Ash sat down. "Do you have Mountain Dew?"

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Branco laughed. "Lemme see.... Yes!" He brought out two glasses. "So tell me, how's life at the Court?"

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"Same old same old. Mab and Titania are always bickering, the royals are at wits end and Oberon is busy taming Puck... What else?"

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Branco sighed. "I'm really glad I left it all. I cant deal with that. Being judged. Ugh, I hate it"

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"Yeah, it's painful."

((g2g! Tired!))

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((Same! Night!))

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((Good morning, solitary fey twin brother!))

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((WTF HANNIE!? lol
Oh and I forget. Is your charrie a winter or summer fey?))
My eyes darken slightly at calling Mab a bitch. But they lighten at the discription of the courts. "And the fact that my brother is going around f*cking everything that moves. AND gloating about he's gonna be next in line and not me..."

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((Ummm... Branco was a royal fey who left... Are they like, brother an sister?))

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((Is he summer or winter.))

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I look at Branco. "Talking about Devon..."

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Branco gives her an unimpressed face. "I know...@

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I grin. "So... What have I missed out on dear brother?"

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"Ugh. My life is boring, regardless of where I am" He grins "Maybe I should move back to Faerie... But away from everyone, a little later on?"

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"That would be great!" I grin. "Brilliant actually."

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Branco laughed. "I'll do that. Move to neutral territory"

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I scoff. "Where!? The Wilde Wood? Or the War Plains? Or even the Trods?" I raise my eyebrows.

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Branco sighs and sits back. "What do you want me to say? Mab'll never forgive me. I don't have anywhere else to go"

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"She might..." (9Hey Francois check out the info on fey.))
"If I suck up. She probs will." I add.

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((Yes ma'am))

Branco smiles. "You think?"

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"Yeah. But it might take a while." I smile.

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"I'm stronger than you think. I can keep here for a while. But I do moss Faerie food very much" He smiled softly at her "It's good to see you again, Laura"

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I hug him. "Great to see you. You know that for a while is about 50 years."

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"Of course I know that! But you think that'll be enough for Mab to take me back?"

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"I'll get Devon on our side. Then it'll be right."

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Branco sighed. "Devon has always been... Different. How is he liking the fact he's in line for the thone now?" Branco smiles "At least they'll have a good leader..." He mutters under his breath.

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"I'd be better." I mumble.

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"I don't think Mab'll even let me get a seat back in Court. Let alone my throne..." He hugs Laura again.

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"You're the same age as us." ((How 'bout that?))

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