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((Very pwetty. HUGE trees around it, equally large lake. Really deep, really serene. LOTS OF FISH! Great place to go fishing.))

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Dimitrius jogs in with Rie.

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((Are there zombie ducks?))

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((lol... No... :D Though there should be. That was a fun convo...))

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((Yeah... It was probably a highlight of my bleak day!))

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((Hahaha. :D
Mine too.))

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((Zombie duck attacks AGAIN!!!!))

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((This should be a topic!))

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((IT IS! :D))

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((Guys, I'm watching Teen Wolf! :3))

Logan walks in and sits at the base of a massive willow tree. He listens to his iPod, Bohemian Rhapsody

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Skye was jogging, no idea why. She was listening to "Happy Ending" by Mika.

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Logan was looking out over the lake.

((I love that song, Sherihan!))

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I float in. Happy, yet worried at the same time.

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((Thank you! Remember when we internet dueted it?))

Skye saw Logan on the other side of the lake.

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Logan saw Skye. A smile spread across his face.

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Skye waved.

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Logan nodded. He smiled.

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Skye changed the song to "Marry You" by Bruno Mars.

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I sigh and dip my toes into the water, freezing the water around them.

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All Logan's senses locked on to Skye. He heard the song and smiled.

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Skye noticed Logan's constant gaze and blew him a kiss.

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A brief idea floods through me. The whole lake freezes over.

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Skye looked at the frozen lake. It was pretty!

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Logan got up and walked over the frozen lake towards Skye. He got to the other bank. "Hello"

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"Well hello there, honey!"

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I jump up and begin to skate over it. My lithe form gliding easily over it, even though I was only in bare feet. My long pure white dress fluttered around me.

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Logan brought her into an embrace, his eyes red from corner to corner.

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Skye hugged him back. 'Marry You' was still playing in the background.

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"How are you?" He asks, his voice smoother than usual, his movements even more fluid.

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"I'm fine! You?" she looked into his red eyes.

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"Even better now!" He grinned, looking in to her bright eyes.

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Skye laughed.

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He wiped away a eyelash from her cheek. "Your great, Skye Blue, I swear it's true!"

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"Teehee! It rhymes!"

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He gave a low, throaty chuckle. "Yeah, that's why I said it"

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Sammi | 1216 comments Beesma walks around the frozen lake slowly, hugging himself from the cold.

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"You're so sweet, Logan Black. And have a really hot six pack!" Skye laughed.

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I spot Beesma and skate over. "Hey!" I call out to him. My ethereal form gliding over to him.

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Logan laughed "Thank you, dear. now I can say something here but that would be inappropriate" He raised his eyebrows and pointedly at her rack.

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Sammi | 1216 comments Lyeta(Laura) wrote: "Lyeta
I spot Beesma and skate over. "Hey!" I call out to him. My ethereal form gliding over to him."

"Hey there." A sly smile creeps across his face. "Mind if I warm the place up a little?"

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I smile. "If you wish." I jump off of the lake and leap into Beesma's arms. Happy.

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Skye laughed. "Logan Black, it is humor you do not lack!"

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Logan laughed. "And you say the things I say rhyme!"

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Skye smiled. She loved his laugh.

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"I love your laugh too"

message 48: by Sammi (new)

Sammi | 1216 comments He let's out a small amount of heat, enough to keep the cold away from him. "Having fun?" Beesma asks.

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"I keep forgetting you can hear my thoughts!" Skye laughed.

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Logan shook his head. "I didn't. It was just kinda... Like... A connection? Like your in my head right now"

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