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((Completely white. Huge. Within the castle.))

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Branco walks up to Laura's room, through the Court that he was once part of. The Court that now shuns him. He knocks brashly on the door.

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I open the door and my eyes widen, shocked. I grab his arm and yank him in. "Be bloody careful. You know that any of these fey would kill you!"

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Branco grinned. "Some of them tried and failed, as always. How are you?"

((Yo, are they brother and sister or not? Because he's a royal....))

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((Yeah brother and sister.))
"Good. How are you... And this new life of yours." I mutter, eyebrows pulling together in a frown.

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Banco sighs. "Do not judge me so easily, sister"

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"YOU'LL END UP FADING!" I yell at him. "The iron will get to you and you'll fade! You aren't even allowed back in here! Mab'll kill you, and maybe even banish me if she finds you here." I pull him into a hug. "You really made a bad choice... But it is your choice and I won't ask you to change it..."

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"I'll move back soon. I love you" He hugged her again. ((Gotta go. Bye!))

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((Ok then... :())
"Luv ya too bro." I say. "And you're really moving back soon! If Mab lets you..."

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