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Ok so. I'll put some info about the fey in here. CBF right now...

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REMOVING SPAM NOW! I need to post the info.
Don't kill me...

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Here are a couple of the species of fey.

Leanan Sidhes are fey that nurture human's musical abilities, but as they do they also feed from them, taking years of life away from them. They also can not play any music themselves.

Bean Sidhes are like Banshees who's power lies in holding the dead's souls in place, and or returning them but you need both a male and a female for that.

Redcaps are flesh eating winter fey. They are like gnomes but with piranha like teeth.

Kelpies are half horse half fish... They freak me out. They wait in pools for a human to walk along and then they eat them...

Then you also have changelings which are baby fey. Some of the fey send their kids to human homes and they steal the actual human kids away and replace them with the changelings. Who, if you don't feed them will kill you...

Oh and Royal fey are the strongest. They are like Mab, Ash, and Oberon.

Phouka are the shapeshifters of the fey. But they can only shift into, Dogs, Goats, Cats, Rabbits, Goblins, or horses. They always have dark fur though. Their favoured form is a large horse. With a flowing black mane and yellow eyes. ((So I've heard))

Ogres and Giants are very similar, but Ogres are bigger and green. While Giants are blue. ((I think.))

Goblins are evil little creatures. They are extremely stupid. They are short and live mainly in the Wilde wood.

Satyrs are horny little bastards. They feed of sex and human pleasure and lust. They play beautiful music that entrances a human, the human dances until they collapse. Then they gang rape them... Doesn't matter if it's a guy or girl.

Sirens can also base from Greek Mythology, but in some myths they are also fey. Sirens are always female. They sing the most beautiful songs to try and drag sailors underwater. They are somewhat like the water nymph.

Water Nymph are very curious fey. They are almost like merpeople. They can be male or female. Is you are not careful they will drag you down under water with them. Not understanding that you would drown.

Wood Nymphs are related to Water Nymphs. BUT they live in trees... ((Oh really!)) lol. Anyway... They aren't as curious and they take on the spirit of the tree they live in. If that tree dies, they die. They can't stray far from the tree either.

There are also mixes, like... Half squirrel half boy. Half snake half girl. That type of thing.

Chimera! I lurve Chimera! They have a head of a goat, a lion and a snake! They are one of the freakiest creatures around.

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General Info

Fey are alergic to iron. That is just about the only way a human could kill them.
According to some myths they hate being called after their real name.
Haveing a bowl of cream outside your house can attract them. ((Bull. Not the type I'm thinking of...))
All of them are amazingly beautiful.
They cannot lie, but they are brilliant at twisting truth.
If one makes an oath they are bound to keep it. They have to keep it.
If they give you their real names you could control them. If you told them to go kill themselves while invokeing their real name they have to.
They are immortal, meaning they live forever.
The main group of fey, along with eating faery food, feed of human emotions.
It is forbidden for a fey of one court to love another. Both of them get banished if they do not denounce it.
Banishment is to the human world, which is full of iron. If they spend too much time there they end up fading.
To change courts you must have been a solitary first. Then have an invite from the other courts ruler.

There are two courts.
Summer and Winter. Or Seelie and Unseelie.

Winter is the more harsh, cruel, sadistic court. They prefer to feed off of bad emotions. But they also convey more emotions. They are more deadly than the summer fey, and more than often a group of redcaps would happily tear apart a phouka. These fey are tied to Ice water and air. Their queen is Mab.

Summer is still deadly, but not quite as quick to kill. They are very sexual, just as sexual as winter, if not more. These fey are tied to fire and plants and the earth. Their Queen is Titania, but the ruler is their King. Oberon. Both are very volatile.

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Will add more.
I'm so proud! I didn't google anything.
Apart from making sure that Phouka were shapeshifters. :D

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It is the place they live. Faerie holds both courts and many other places. Like the trods and the wilde woods. If a human eats Faerie food they are stuck in Faerie forever. The changing of the seasons, like from summer to Autumn and Winter to Spring is extremely important. They hand over a sceptre to the other court. Depending on who had it. And there is wild festivities and the like. :D FUN! A lot of fey die from the winter fey going nuts...
Electronics DO NOT work in Faerie.

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Seraph Another query (sorry!!): So even if you're not a royal fey, you're in a court..?

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Your under that Court's rule, if I'm not mistaken, aye, Laura?

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Unless you are solitary you are always under the courts rule. Even when you are solitary... If either Oberon or Mab want you. You have to go.

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Yeah, like Branco is solitary, but he has to go back to the Summer Court to become king...?

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He doesn't have to. Oberon f*cks anything that moves...

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I highly doubt he would f*ck his own son.
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Anyway, he has to. Go with this, please?

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He can if he wishes... Unless Oberon demands it...


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Seraph Yet another annoying query: Can a non-royal fey be... Part of a court? Like... GAH too hard to explain, do you understand? Have a position of importance?

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Seraph [it's a beautiful day] wrote: "Yet another annoying query: Can a non-royal fey be... Part of a court? Like... GAH too hard to explain, do you understand? Have a position of importance?"

Yeah! You don't have to be royal to have a big part!

Francois wrote: "Lyeta(Laura) wrote: "..."



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Ok deleting spam. :D

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Sorry but I deleted everything that didn't have a bit of info. Sorry. Please forgive me. But I don't want people who will read this to get confused.

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Sammi | 61 comments Mod
You may want to mention about the changing courts sort of thing (:

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Oh yeah!

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) yep!! good idea

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A Dryad is a wood nymph so I guess it is also a fairy? I never knew this stuff before.

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Yeah. I only know it because I read sooo many books and I'm writing a story about the fey. :D

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Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) thats really cool.

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Lyeta(Laura) wrote: "Yeah. I only know it because I read sooo many books and I'm writing a story about the fey. :D"

I did some reading at google yesterday concerning the Seelie and Unseelie courts. I need to do some more today as there was lots of info there.

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Hehe. I love learning about the supernatural.

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