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"I, Psychopath"

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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael The author was the subject of the 2009 doc, I, Psychopath. I was surprised to see this sensationalistic treatment of someone who'd penned what was among the top results in my research of antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders.

The explanation was dispensed quickly, if vaguely, alleging that Vaknin applied his knowledge of SEO to manipulating the results. Though I find the implied metaphor for the skilled manipulator a bit convenient, it would explain how a mediocre resource, design recalling the mid-nineties, received such prominence on Google.

Things didn't improve as the show progressed, and only seemed to affirm his presence as a huckster with a drive-thru diploma (he vehemently defends his college credentials, though archived footage has him admitting its origins in a "diploma mill"). The abuse heaped on the meek filmmaker, combined with his self-conscious grandiosity and Dinesh D'Souza-esque hyper-gibbering didn't serve the author. His pompousness framed questions of credibility that would remain vacuums as unfulfilled as his insipid, petulant glare.

Note that this isn't a review of the book; I don't present it as such, nor did I rate the work. Normally, I'd agree that reviewing an author's general character doesn't bear on the product of his labor, and he as a person should be considered separately, if at all. But when a book is promoted like a cheesy Amway shop, and the author's main burden in public life seems forwarding the impression he's an unscrupulous liar (rather than, say, getting a real degree), I think it's fair to take this liberty.

message 2: by Mathilda (new)

Mathilda Craft I'm glad you shared this video. I remember watching parts of this a few years back. Almost completely forgot about it. It's something to keep in mind. I like the quote at the end of the documentary the most and sums up a lot of this quite well: making a documentary with a Psychopath is one thing. Taking advice from one is another thing altogether.

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