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((Don't feel like posting first, someone else can!))

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Natalie shivered in her cage.She had her bangs covering her eyes,which were red from crying

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) ((now comes the evil Atori! O.O))
Atori looked at Natalie and smirked evily, then sat down on the floor, feeling the burning sensation of an injection spread through his veins. It kept him under control of his abilities, and his raven DNA that his mother had carried from several generations before him. But now, it was his, his mother was dead, and he now had the power that she did. Yet he didn't know that either, he only knew his family had these powers for generations, but they had stopped being passed until his mother was born 30 years ago, then died giving birth to Atori when she was 16.

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Natalie glared at Atori.She pulled her kness to her chest and sighed

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) After about an hour or two, Atori felt a throbbing in his head, and he pulled out a needle, sticking it in his arm, watching the golden liquid flowing through his veins. He breathed heavily and sighed, his head hung so his hair was shadowing his face.

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Natalie flinched when a a scientist opened her cage"Your turn"Her said smiking"She slung to the back of her cage,but the man grabbed her dragging her out,kicking and screaming.When they reached the table she was strapped in and a neddle was injected into her arm,knocking her out.When she woke up she was back in her cage.She tried to move,but her back was numb.She felt tears run down her face

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"Take this one back to her cage. The anistetic should wear off in a few hours, but make good sure that it doesn't get out again." A commanding voice said in the pitch dark. Jordan's head swam, all of her sences blured. What happened? Why is everything so dark?Then she remembered having that needle being jabbed into her arm bring her into a vortex of darkness. What happened after that was a mystery. Jordan suddenly felt like she was being very violently trown into a cage, hitting the back of it quite hard. But she didn't care. Se had stopped caring years ago. The constent sight of people dieng, having needles being jammed into everyinck of her body, and being forced into doing such painful and barbaric tests had dulled her sence of morning, of feeling genuine pain. Suddenly the all-to-steril room begain to swirl into a whirlpool of color, until the pitch-black darkness was all Jordan cold see.

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Natalie saw Jordan be thrown in her cage"Stop hurting us"She yelled at the men"We dont deserve this"She said moving to the front of her cage.She punched the door,but it only made her hand go numb.A whitecoat came up to her cage and jabbed another neddle into her arm.She winced and passed out again,darkness pulling her in

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Atori watched Natalie and Jordan, and surprisingly, his expression softened slightly, which was hard to do. But why did these two thing the whitecoats were bad? They raised him like this, since he didn't need a DNA transfusion or anything to make him as he is now. He then realized the pain that had brought him, and how almost every experiment looked sad and miserable. He went over to the Natalie and Jordan's cages, looking at them,"I can get you out," he said, but his voice was sharp like a knife.

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Jordan went to the back of her cage again, tring to get as far away from Atori as possible. Her eyes were full of hate and distrust. She curled her hand, making a pocket knife inside her hand secretly, hiding it.

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Natalie growled at him"Leave us alone"She said punching the bars making a dent.She went to the back of her cage,holding her hand.She snarled at Atori

Max *SHERlocked heart* Mercy hugged Rach tightly, looking at Atori. She brushed Rach's hair and bit her lip. "Cant get away," she said softly. "They'll find us,"

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Natalie looked at Mercy and Rach.She growled.She punched the bars again,making them bend more.She never thought that a seven year old could have this much strength but she knew weird things happened in this place"We have to at least try"She said with a lisp

Max *SHERlocked heart* Mercy looked at Nat and nodded slightly. Rach looked up at Mercy. "I cant," she whimpered. "The erasers will hurt us. I dont want to be hurt,"

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Natalie nodded back and punched the bars one more time,making it fall to the ground.She opened Mercys and Jordans cages and waited for them

Max *SHERlocked heart* Mercy jumped out and looked around. She picked Rach up and held her close. "Dont worry," she said softly. Rach clung to her.

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Jordan was out in a flash, hiding out of sight behind some crates, the pocket knife firmly in her hand. Jordan had no mental memory of her training, but her body, having endured what if did, remembered everything. And this was one of the moments it kicked in. Judging from the sun, it's around 2 pm, and according to those idiotic newbie whitecoats who thought whispering would hide thier conversation and plans they were wrong. She thought back to nineteen hundred last thursday, when the newbies were locking her up after testing and were talking about what the superior whitecoats had told them. But besides herself, Jordan motioned to Mercy, Rach and Nat to go over to her.

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Natalie ran over to her'what do we do know"She said scared

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Atori backed away from the cages and growled, spreading his wings. He felt his blood start to burn from the marking starting to crawl up his arms. The color in his eyes went white and he looked different. He was considered the strongest eraser compared to the others. Those dumb mutts were afraid of him, even if he was younger and shorter. Darkness started to surround him and he watched as it started to cause the room to go pitch black, but he could see in it. He laughed evily,"You can't fight what you can't see! You'll never get out of here past me!" he seemed like a whole nother person, his voice deeper and his behavior seemed to have changed slightly.

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Natalie growled as it became dark.She saw Atori through the darkness.She felt something grow from her back.She charged at Atori and sent him into the wall

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Atori grabbed Natalie by the shoulders and swept his foot under her ankle, causing her to fall. But instead, he flipped her over his shoulder and pinned her to the floor, the shadows crawling from his arms and tightening around her neck,"I can kill you, and I don't care how bad of a punishment I'll get from those whitecoats. This isn't even my full strength, I'm just going easy on you," he smirked and his canines had elongated, his eyes pale.

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Natalie spit in his face"Go ahead,i dont care"She said muffled.She grabbed her neck trying to make the shadows away.She growled and punched Atori in the face

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Atori didn't even flinch,"You little pest! Don't you get it? These whitecoats are trying to help you, to make you stronger than you could ever imagine!" he then remembered his mother,"They raised me here, after my mother died! They're my family, so why don't you all appreciate the things these people have done for you? They could have ordered me to kill you, but they didn't!"

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"They arent making me stronger,their putting me in pain"She said with another lisp"I just wanna go home"She said tears going down her face

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) When he saw Natalie's tears, Atori's grip on her loosened, and the shadows faded away. The markings on him went away and he frowned, his expression distant.

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Natalie got up slowly and grabbed her neck,coughing.She glared and roundhoused kicked him in the chest and sent him flying

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Atori groaned when he hit the wall and he got on his hands and knees, hanging his head. He could start to feel his head throb, but he didn't have the injection he needed to keep himself under control. He held his head and clenched his jaw, trying to make the pain stop.

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Natalie growled.She felt a searing pain in her back and she fell to the floor.She cried out in pain as hawk wings came out of her back.She fell laid on the floor unconscience

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Atori looked up at Natalie and went over to her, lightly brushing his index finger over her feathers. That always used to soothe his, when his wings first grew out. But that only happened to him naturally, these other people, were created like this.

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Natalie groaned when she woke up.She coughed and slowly sat up.She saw the wings limp and screamed

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Jamie analized the situation and came to the conclusion that Atori didn't have any intention helping them earlier, only to punish them for being so unapprecative of the whitecoats treatment to them. But being as emotionless as she was, Jamie couldn't understand why Atori was rubbing the Natalie girls wings. But what she was sure of was that Atori was the enemy, and Jamie needed to get out this hell. She dashed out of her hiding place, her knife glistening in the dim lights.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Atori looked at Natalie, "You're okay," then he looked up to see Jordan running towards him, a knife in her hands. He didn't seem to be scared, because he wrapped his wings around himself, and they turned silver like titanium, because his feathers had turned to the hard element.

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Jordan, at the last secound, jumped and did a backflip in the air, then pointed her knife at Atori's unshielded back, right where his heart would be if she decided to kill him. "Why are you being so leniant? Why haven't you killed her?" She asked emotionlessly.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Atori spread his wings to their full length, a whole 18 feet, his wings still the silver metal material,"I don't know, okay? I'm confused!" he sighed and let his wings switch back to their dark feathers, falling to his knees,"Just kill me, get it over with, I'm not going to stop you," he looked at the floor.

((i thought her name was Jordan.))

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Natalie glared at Atori than turned to Jamie"we should leave"She said

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Jordan looked at Atori for a moment, studing him to try and understand him and his way of thinking. "Atori, you think the whitecoats help us, try to make us stronger. But why do they get to make the choice of who ives or dies, what they can do to us? Do you think I had any say in the matter when they wiped my memory? I wasn't born here like you and I was born with everything but the wings, so I know I had a life out there, but even if ould remembr them, I couldn't feel anything. They dulled my emotions too, to make me more effective as an assasin or mercinary for them to sell to the highest bidder. I'm not a human thier tring to help, I'm a weapon thier putting up for sale. Now how are your saviors?" Jordan said coldly as she walked to the wall and kicked it, breaking the steel a brick to make a huge hole.

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Natalie looked at Jordan as if she might cry.She felt her lip quiver as she remebered her family

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((Um, the evil Atori can retort any day now....:p))

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) "I didn't have any say in living here my whole life, either. I was forced to, since my mother had passed some kind of ancient genetics that only happen to pass down to one person once in a lifetime. My mother died because of that, but I didn't choose my life, I hate it!" Atori held his head as it started throbbing again, and he cried out in pain.

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Natalie looked at him"Are you ok"She asked quitely

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) He shook his head,"That injection, I need it, it keeps the pain at a minimum level."

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Natalie looked at him,confused"Where is it"She asked

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) "The whitecoats have them, I don't," he clenched his jaw and started hearing the high pitched noise in his head, which wasn't good.

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"Should i get it"She said

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"What's the compound made of? I can make it if you need it that bad." Jordan said coldly.

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Natalie looked at Jordan through her bangs

Max *SHERlocked heart* Mercy held Rachael, looking at the three people. Rach whimpered slightly and buried her face into Mercy's shoulder

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Natalie sighed

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) "It's liquid calcium hydroxide and silver nitrate, or, to put it in unscientific terms, lunar caustic and limewater," Atori looked at Jordan then pulled out an empty needle that he had taken earlier from the whitecoats without them nowing.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Rach looked at the needle, then Atori, and shrieked. "Dont let him get me!" she cried. Mercy rubbed Rach's back. "He wont, i wont let him, dont worry" she said softly. Rach whimpered.

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