Pale Demon (The Hollows, #9) Pale Demon question

Favourite character and why?
Carmon Carmon Jul 04, 2011 08:30PM
Personally I love Al, because he's meant to be this horrible person but he actually does care about Rach and he's not all bad. (Oh and then there's the British accent <3 <3 XD)

Jill (last edited Feb 10, 2012 02:33AM ) Feb 10, 2012 01:13AM   0 votes
I loved kisten :( but we all know what happened there. So now I say Al he's very devious:-)

Hard to choose just one ... Rachel, Al, Trent, Jenks and Ivy!!!

I love Rachels mom....she is hilarious! Next fave is Jenks....then Rachel, and who doesnt love Al?

My favorite character is Jenks! I love how he swears every version of Tink's name! I love how loyal he is to Rachel. Jenks is wicked smart and tells it like it is to both Rachel and Ivy.

Al is my favorite character in this whole series. I can't believe how much we have learned about him over the last 9 books. And he obviously has feelings for Racheal, I don't know if they are lover like or more of a mentor/student. I cannot wait until 10 to see what happens with his character!!

I agree Jenk's is my favorite character I've probably ever read. The way he swears is classic. I've laughed out loud lots while reading him, and I agree it sucks when you try to explain to someone who hasn't read the series why it's so funny.
I was once reading and started laughing out loud, it was during the fight scene in Rachel's kitchen between her and Quen, and frosting goes everywhere. I read out loud that part to my friend and the only reason she laughed was because I was laughing so hard.

I really liked Trent from book one on, and I like him as Rachel's HEA, but Al has got to be my favorite... He's like the used car salesman of the demon world. What a character!

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I've liked everyone in the whole series, except for Nick, Marshal, and I didn't really like Pierce.
I guess I would choose Jenks, Bis or Trent as my favorites other then Rachel of course!

My favourite character all through the series has been Rachel. My minds image of Rachel is remarkably close to the way she appears in the graphic novel, so obviously I always found her kinda cute ;-)
Also she has an innocence that ofter betrays her considering the situations she finds herself in.
She is aalso independant, strong willed and kickass, all good qualities.

I'd say Trent and Al.I love the mysterious bad boy thing they got going.

My fav has to be a toss between Al and Jenks

Jenks. Sexy, funmy, brave, loyal, gentle, all wrapped up in a tiny package, usually.

I like Ivy. I like how she can kick ass but she's also vulnerable at the same time.

I lurve Al. It's like, he's not really bad, he was just drawn that way. I think the Rache/AL thing is kind of like the Frog and the Scorpion, but each of them thinks the other is the scorpion and they're the frog.

I really like Jenks and the way he swears, but I'd have to say Trent. So mysterious, complicated, and it would be so much easier if he was just plain evil but he's not. There's a compassionate side to tough Mr. Bad Boy SexyPants, especially when it comes to Rachel. *le sigh*

Trent! am in love with him...


Al and Trent as they are the most mysterious. so many things that are unknown with both of them that it draws you to them.

I'm with both of you...At first read I like Evy the most buy latley shes just become boring and now I can't wait to read the newer books due to what Al might do to Racheal or if Newt will make an appearance.

Newt,because it turns out there is depth to her being insane, and of course the scene where she helps Rachel make the new scene.

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