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the Hunt

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Ethan Who knows?

Juliet idk, but I would totally join the Hunt

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I would too but I'm a dude

Juliet lol, what a shame

MizziQ Garrett wrote: "I would too but I'm a dude"

aw... u should make a guy "hunt"

Torie I wouldn't! You people are crazy!

MizziQ We know. We're showing off. :)

Torie Showing off what? Your ability to lie? Lolol

MizziQ Nah. The ability to adapt. :)

Torie Adapt to what?

MizziQ Curcumstances...EX: No guys allowed? Make a guys hunt. Get it?

Torie Sure, but what would the world be like without men? The women would kill each other. LOL it would drive me insane.

MizziQ Yha. I'm just saying there could be two groups. Not everybody has to join the hunts.

Torie Ok, I don't see your point.


MizziQ :(

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its a good plan I guess but who would lead them.

MizziQ you of course

MizziQ you don't have to be a god. those are the rules. :) haha. I'm making them up as I go. haha

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I'd lead them to they're deaths(on accident of course)

MizziQ of course..... :)

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I'M ABOUT TO GO SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MizziQ cool. I just biked and I am exausted. now I'm just being lazy on the net

MizziQ we're gonna upset someone by going off topic. go to the group. :)


Juliet lol, I am about to go to my friend's pool

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I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MizziQ aw. i just missed u. im going to the movies tonight

Juliet wat r u seeing?

MizziQ just got back. Super 8. It was awesome. It was like a horror movie rated PG-13. haha! :)

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I want to see that

MizziQ It's really good! Kind of strange, but cool. You should. Have you seen Transformers- Dark Side of the moon?

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no I didn't like the first 1 so I didn't see the rest

MizziQ The first one was the best.

Juliet I have never seen any of them, they never seemed to interest me

MizziQ I love transformers. It's probably because I have a brother who used to love them. :0

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ah well I just didn't like the first 1 and every 1 tells me its the best so I didn't watch the rest.

MizziQ Yha it is. I still love all of them but the first one is the only one I watch again, and again. :)

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sweet so about the hunt.......................

Torie GASP! How could one NOT like the first Transformers movie?!?! It's one of my favorite movies of all time!! The second one was lame, and I've heard negative stuff about the 3rd so I think I'll wait to see it on DVD.

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I don't know I just don't like it.................

Cheyenne I don't like it either. I thought it was really stupid.

Alana I would LOVE to join the hunt! Look at the perks: you live forever...You get to shoot stuff with a bow...There are no irritating boys allowed... It's like a camping trip, but it lasts forever!

Mansi Join the Hunt for (aka Artemis's Hunter... right?! )) would be amazing!!!
But honestly I wouldn't devote all my life just to that one thing....

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Julia I don't think I would join the hunt. I mean it would be cool for like a month or a few weeks but not my whole life. Guys are cool. My brothers in particular--they rock. But some guys are really stupid and horrible. That's why I might join the Hunt. (P.S. Most of you people didn't even talk about the Hunt, you weirdies. :P I'm a weirdo too so who cares.)

Torie Ember wrote: "I would LOVE to join the hunt! Look at the perks: you live forever...You get to shoot stuff with a bow...There are no irritating boys allowed... It's like a camping trip, but it lasts forever!"

Not only no irritating guys, but no guys AT ALL. That's just not preferable.

Alana i suppose i see your point...

Hannah Artemis is my favourite goddess, so I would most likely join... I see Artemis's huntresses differently than they explain in the book though.

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Jo I would've joined when I was 12, but not now.

Justece I probably would. Living forever (unless u get killed), hanging with Artemis and a bunch of other girls, no guys at all (most of them are annoying anyways), getting to hunt all the time, it could be pretty awesome!

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