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message 1: by Ellie (new)

Ellie This isn't technically in Los Angeles. Time Travelers ((For the purpose of this RP) usually end up anywhere, anytime in an uncontrolled journey.

message 2: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Seth flashed onto a long, dull, grey landscape in a glare of golden light that temporarily lit up the dreary plain.

message 3: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Kay flashed in landing on top on Seth.

message 4: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Seth groaned and pushed her off. "Do--you--always--have to...knock all the wind out...of...a person?" he wheezed, attempting to sit up and collapsing on one elbow.

message 5: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Sorry but im your guide, i didnt want you to alone." She got off him.

message 6: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Seth glared at her. "What possessed you to go grabbing my arm when I said I'd be right back?" he demanded.

message 7: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Um well sorry." She looked at the ground.

message 8: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Seth looked away. "It's OK. So. Was this disorienting for you?"

message 9: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Well my head is spining a bit."

message 10: by Ellie (new)

Ellie "Yeah. I try taking several deep breaths. Usually I just have to wait these out. They don't last more than a few minutes." He sat up and racked his brains for conversation topics. "So how long you been at the Academy?" he asked finally.

message 11: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) She took some deep breaths. "I've....been going for about three years."

message 12: by Ellie (new)

Ellie "Really? And what species are you?" A cold wind arose and blew through the plain, making the short grass bend backwards. It pushed Seth's bronze hair up--again--and he blinked a couple of times as he held up a hand against the wind.

message 13: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Im a vampire." She looked up at him.

message 14: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) ((hello??? I feel forgoten))

message 15: by Ellie (new)

Ellie ((Sorry! We had a MAJOR power outage yesterday...lasted about six hours. Maybe seven.))

"Oh?" Seth asked unenthusiastically. "What do vampires do?" he added.

message 16: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) ((oooooooh))

"We can do kinda anything." She stood up and dusted herself off. "Im also half human."

message 17: by Ellie (new)

Ellie "How is that different from a normal vampire?" Seth asked.

message 18: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "I dont need blood as much."

message 19: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Seth edged away from her before he realized that might be interpreted as dislike. Which wasn't true. "So..." he started to say, valiantly endeavoring to keep the conversation creeping along, but then his irises started turning black and he grabbed hold of Kay as the plain was suddenly lit up by a flash of gold.

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Kaytie (katbug013) Kay looked at him and blushed slightly. "W-What are you doing?" She looked at plain. "Whoa..."

message 21: by Ellie (new)

Ellie They disappeared into the flash....(RP somewhere else))

message 22: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) ((where??))

message 23: by Ellie (new)

Ellie ((How about the principal's office?))

message 24: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) ((ok you post first))

message 25: by Ellie (new)

Ellie ((KK))

message 26: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Elitrix wrote: "Rainy Opened the portal Ten year's ago to the past.
"Rainy where are we" Stormy says hiding with her sister behind a tree,They are in a beautiful Garden like Eve.
"Looking at what really happen to ..."

((Is she a time traveler too?!))

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Ellie ((Cool!))

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ they appeared in a house.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ "In my house.we are invisible to everybody here. watch."
three little kids were in the living room playing, the adults in the kitchen, making what looked like dinner. outside was a bunch of different houses. a family estate. "those kids are me and my two younger sisters. the one with the white hair is Alana. she goes to this school. she has a terrible temper. you might have met her. there's me."he pointed to a boy with black hair."and the girl over there, that's crystal."he choked up when he said her name."this was before the ...accident."

message 30: by ~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ (last edited Jul 14, 2011 09:44PM) (new)

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ crystal looks like this

message 31: by ~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ (last edited Jul 14, 2011 09:58PM) (new)

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ "you'll see." the scene shifted. everybody looked a little older.and worried. Alana and Axel where running through the estate, scared out of their minds.the houses where destroyed, people lay dead. they were running towards the house they lived in. when they went inside, crystal stood in front of their parents sword in hand. the sword was dripping blood. their parents lay dead before her Alana sat down on the floor, crying. Axel stared angrily at crystal. "why did you do this?????" she didn't answer.she turned around and there was something cold and different in her eyes. she lept forward, trying to stab Axel. he jumped away, quickly putting a spell on him and Alana. she swiped him with the blade, then stabbed alana. She left thinking they were dead, but the spell prevented that.everything froze right there. Axel walked up to himself, tears showing in his eyes. "she has an incredible strength. when she found out we weren't dead, she's come looking for us since. she's a cold hard killer."

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ he looked down."can you tell me about her?" he teleported them back to the forest, the scene too much for him.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments Ezra rose a brow, but simply watched.
"What's she going to do?..."

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments "They look so... innocent."
Ezra murmered, though his eyes remained fixed on Gabrielle.

message 35: by ✌ Lilee-na ♥ (new)

✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 2991 comments ((OOOMMMGGGGG!!!!))

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments (( JESUS! *Jumps* Oh, Liena! Hi! ^.^ ))

message 37: by ✌ Lilee-na ♥ (new)

✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 2991 comments (( Heheheh :) Hello ! time 4 Dean & Ezras showdown !! ))

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments (( OMGZ YOU'RE ONLINE!!!! :O ))

Ezra's gaze darkened.
"Little ass..."
He hissed.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments "They're cute though, aren't they?"
Ezra grinned, his eyes never leaving the scene.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments "...What?!"
Ezra spluttered.
"But then that could only mean..."
He trailed off, and his eyes grew wide before travelling back to the scene.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments Ezra shushed her.
"If it's what I think it is then the Son of the God of chaos is turning away."
He scoffed bluntly.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments "Wait... Gabby used to speak German?"
Ezra murmered, not understanding just that bit.
He couldn't break into the minds of the young version of Abnix and Gabrielle.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments "Brilliant."
Ezra murmered, his tone compleatly sirious.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments Ezra sat himself down on the floor to watch.
"This is scruge all over again..."
He hissed to himself.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments "My brother and I travelled a lot before we ended up in the Academy. We watched 'A Christmas Carol' sometime during the journey..."
He explained.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments "They're too cute together."
Ezra murmered, still sitting and watching.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments Ezra nodded.

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments "...What happened?"
Ezra asked, trying to peek at whatever it was that they were reffaring to.

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

((i must say that this is all very interesting!! O.o

Christina *Cantarella* | 2126 comments Ezra's eyes lingered a little longer on the fox before they travelled back to the girls.

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