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message 1: by Robin (new)

Robin  | 1 comments I'm currently reading "City at the End of Time" by Greg Bear. I was recently thinking about reading more of his work, as I am really enjoying it, but was wondering whether I should do that or read "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card. I want to read the better one first. What do you recommend?

message 2: by Lee (new)

Lee (kiwifirst) Enders game is certainly a easy read, and I really enjoyed it when I finally read it. OSC has a nice writing style and pretty good character building, so I would recommend it.

message 3: by Margaret (new)

Margaret George | 30 comments Ender's Game is absolutely great. A classic that will never date. And it is an "easy read" because it is so well written and tightly plotted. And if you love it, which I suspect many will, it is only the beginning of a series, that includes Ender's Shadow, my next favorite.

message 4: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Xu (kxu65) | 490 comments I would recommend another Greg Bear book, Eon, which is a first of a trilogy, the ending will blow your mind away.

message 5: by mark, personal space invader (new)

mark monday (happy-end-of-the-world) | 1274 comments Mod
i'd say that Ender's Game is great, but if you already have a taste for greg bear, i'd also suggest you try Eon and its sequel Eternity. they are awesome! there is a third book as well, Legacy, but the series should probably not be considered as a trilogy - Legacy (which is also excellent) is very much a separate work. Eternity completes the narrative & solves the mysteries begun within Eon; Legacy is a self-contained adventure featuring a character from the previous books.

message 6: by Lee (new)

Lee (kiwifirst) @ Margaret, is Enders Shadow the Bean story? I actually read that one first, really enjoyed it. I think the series got a little weaker as it went on. But the first 2 are great.

message 7: by Margaret (new)

Margaret George | 30 comments No, the story from Bean's point of view is
"Ender's Shadow", along with several other "Shadow" books. "Ender's Game" is the first and considered the best. Each of these have several follow-ons. Theirs stories running concurrently.

message 8: by Denae (new)

Denae (whimsicalmeerkat) I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to disagree with Lee about that being from Bean's POV...

message 9: by Lee (new)

Lee (kiwifirst) Phew, that had me confused.

message 10: by Margaret (new)

Margaret George | 30 comments Sorry, I misread Lee's comment. Of course he is right about Ender's Shadow.

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