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E.E.S. (classicsvariety) | 52 comments Helena carefully dissected the specimen. It had been found off the coast of Africa. It was unlike anything anybody had ever seen before.
A man came into the room. "Dr. Scott?" he asked. "Doctor, we need you. "Men from the government are here."
Annoyed, Helena signaled her assistants to put the specimen in the special freezer. "What could it be about?" she asked the man as he led her down the hall.
"The men say that something weird has happened that you might know a bit about."
They arrived in a room full of men. "Dr. Scott," one said, holding out his hand. "I'm sorry to interrupt your work, but you need to see this."
A pile of pictures lay in the center of a table in the room. They were of a place with palm trees that had buildings practically ripped apart, and one of a gigantic shadow that looked like a giant reptile.
"What are these supposed to be of?" Helena asked a man.
"It is Sweetwater, Texas," replied the man.
"How much damage?" asked Helena, not taking her eyes off the pictures.
"Over 20 buildings damaged, at least 6 completely demolished, 1,000 people homeless, and 300 dead," said the man. "We want you to find out what kind of animal could have caused that kind of damage."

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