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message 1: by Darcia (new)

Darcia Helle (darciahelle) If you've yet to experience Jason McIntyre's writing, then Thalo Blue is a great place to start.

Thalo Blue by Jason McIntyre

This story defies description, though Jason does manage to entice us with this blurb:

Sebastion Redfield is being hunted.

A young man on the brink of true adulthood, Redfield experiences the trauma of his life when a trespasser breaks into his home. The psychiatrist assigned to help him recover from the break-in begins to unravel a more disturbing truth about his ordeal: that someone or some thing has been hunting him.

Touted as "Jason McIntyre's most complex, multi-layered, and disturbing work," THALO BLUE delves into the life and times of Sebastion who, through his unique condition, may be the only person alive able to stop the mysterious "thief". This figure is unstoppable, even by death it seems, and he wants something that only Sebastion possesses. An explosive confrontation in his home during the middle of a brutal winter begins their terrifying encounter, one that will eventually stretch across a city, a township and a country.

Recovery is Sebastion's next phase of life--and not just physical recovery but an emotional healing from a life of family drama and the burden of being 'gifted'. Sebastion and the psychiatrist assigned to help him deal with the break-in quickly realize that the ordeal is not over. Now, to save his own life, he and the therapist must dredge up his dark, painful past for clues as to who or what the terrifying thief may be.

Part literary noir, part mystery, and part horror, THALO BLUE is sure to paralyze readers and keep them gnawing at their nails at each startling revelation.

Beware. The ghost in this story will suck you in to a world you've never experienced - and you might not break free.

Have you read this one? I did and barely managed to escape. :)

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason McIntyre (jasonmcintyre) | 3 comments Thanks for bringing this book into the fold here, Darcia. Though it's not really a ghost story, I'm not sure what would be the closest thing to compare it to.

The ghost story category is perhaps the closest thing that would work.

What is the Thief? A ghost? I invite readers to share their thoughts.

j. //

message 3: by Darcia (new)

Darcia Helle (darciahelle) You're right that your book isn't really a ghost story. Thalo Blue easily sits in the 'Supernatural' category but not with the more typical vampires and shapeshifters. Yet, it's more than a mystery/suspense and something more defined than horror.

What is it exactly? I'm creating a new genre for Thalo called Psychedelic Fiction. :)

As for the Thief, no, I don't think he fits our specifics for a ghost. Though I thought of him that way, sort of.

How were you defining the Thief in your mind, as you wrote?

I'd love to hear from others who have read this one. Ghost or not? If not, then what?

message 4: by Jason (new)

Jason McIntyre (jasonmcintyre) | 3 comments Psychedelic Fiction is right. My mind spun while writing the book so I can imagine some readers will see pretty colours while reading Thalo Blue.

The Thief certainly has some characteristics of a ghost, doesn't he? He haunts Sebastion (in a way) and death doesn't seem to stop him (in a way). He was a challenging presence to create.

I hope he freaks out readers as much as he freaked me out to contemplate what he is, where he comes from and how he can relentlessly search for what he is after.

message 5: by Darcia (new)

Darcia Helle (darciahelle) You must be reincarnated from one of the sixties Beat writers. Ken Kesey wrote One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest while on acid. Maybe your reincarnated form is having residual acid flashbacks. :)

One of my favorite things about your writing is that it doesn't fit neatly into any mold. Each story is an experience of its own.

message 6: by Jason (new)

Jason McIntyre (jasonmcintyre) | 3 comments Yes, well, one of my goals as a writer is to NEVER take the reader on the same ride twice. Thanks again for all the kind words and for bringing me and my book into this group, Darcia! You're the BESTEST!

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