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Lacey | 32 comments Mod

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message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Casey (emilycasey) | 1 comments I used to think the shows I watched as a little kid (age 3 or 4) were exciting and way cool. Now I'm watching them with my daughter.

message 3: by Sam (new)

Sam (sayomay) | 5 comments I dont know if this is the right place or not but the time I was starstruck was a few years ago when I saw this boy. Just looking at him sent shivers down my body. I was totally starstruck. Everyday I would look for him and I would always get that same feeling.
I finally had the courage to talk to him, and we started hanging out. To my utter joy he told me that he had a big crush on me. I was on cloud 9! But not too long he pressured me for sex and then ignored me when I didnt comply. When I finally did though he stopped being sweet and wanted sex all the time. I later found out that he was seeing a LOT of other girls.
Least to say it hurt a lot. But I have healed and moved on. That conculeds the tale of me being starstruck and it ending pretty bad.

message 4: by Lynsey (new)

Lynsey (lynseynewton) | 1 comments When I was at school, I remember going on a school trip to Shakespeare country (Stratford upon Avon). There were a lot of famous actors starring in local plays at the time and one day we waited around, hoping to meet some of them. There was one particular comedic actress who I admired and really wanted to speak to. She came out and we called out but she just said hello quickly, didn't smile and walked on, like she didn't care. At the time, I was kind of upset and thought that she didn't care that we'd been waiting to see her. Now I think that she was probably busy or shy or something but it left quite the impression on my teenage self. What have I learnt? FANS ARE EVERYTHING so always give them the time of day :) And if I ever get a fan of my very own, I certainly will! haha.

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia | 1 comments This isn't going to the normal "starstruck" story about a person. But a place. I was given my first season pass to the PA Renaissance Faire for the 2010 season. This meant, I could go anytime I wanted to without having to pay to get in. I already knew a few people there, but what left me starstruck is the feel of the PA Renaissance Faire. It became my home away from home. I had never felt like that before. I felt so at home, so welcomed and I was able to be myself. It left me wanting more, wanting to feel that spark, and I got that feeling each weekend I went. I got to meet so many amazing actors/groups/musicians, that it left me in awe by everything. The PA Renaissance Faire has left me starstruck and continues to do so, because of how incredibly welcome that place is for me.

message 6: by Nikki (new)

Nikki | 1 comments About 13 years ago I was starstruck when I met a member of a boy band that was popular back then. He was so nice and signed autographs for all the fan girls who were freaking out. When he came to me I of course was at a loss for words and sounded like a stammering idiot lol. In my state of being dumbfounded I forgot to ask for a photo us us together. That is one of my biggest, shallow regrets in life lol. I like to tell the story to my 9 year old daughter but having a picture as proof would be great.

message 7: by Jodie (new)

Jodie | 2 comments Got the opportunity in college to meet Tom Wopat from the Dukes of Hazard at a convention. I was completely starstruck. I usually only get starstruck by authors, but this was pretty cool. My college roommates and I were at a complete loss for words, but we managed to get our picture taken with him. He was pretty awesome. I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the convention. To this day, I have no idea what I said to the man, but I at least managed to get a picture - can't remember who we got to take it, I am convinced I was standing their unconscious.

message 8: by Aydrea (new)

Aydrea A few years ago I was at a concert and my friend and I saw some of the group members outside signing autographs and stuff. We were so excited we didn't know what to say and we were daring each other to go talk them. So I finally went up to one of them and I have no idea what I said, but I'm sure it was dumb. But hey I did get his autograph and just got to talk to him for a few minutes, it was pretty cool!

message 9: by Kelly (last edited Jul 11, 2011 06:16PM) (new)

Kelly (guidingsongbird) | 2 comments There was a boy I felt distaste for once. His mannerisms a joke, his hair a snarl of a mop. I had no time to appreciate the coolness of his eyes, or the "girl-lips."

He was, after all, putting squirmy things into my property: backpack, shoes, hair, jean pockets. Once there was a dead junebug stapled to the front of my canvas shoes.

"Geek" (Pretty sure you can guess who was who)

A few summers passed, our families fell out of tune. My days were filled with volunteer work, his with music. Mine with words, his with notes. And that went on until we were about sixteen.

And, wow.

When our families got back together, I was wearing sackcloth and ashes for sure. He had become a sun-beam inflection, and I was still the childish harpy (to him, of course). Little did I hope he would fall back in love with me. But oh, he did. Along with the other half of our choir. So, my first taste of 'starstruck,' my last thought of Mr. Sun-god. I'd rather have Hades. At least he's got a ride.

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