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Do u think the dad should have killed the mom

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vampire lover i think he should have i mean if u read the book she is mean to him about every thing lie when her doughter was out side and she was taning with her dad and the mom thought something else then her and the dad got in a fight so i say i am glad he killed her but in the end he went to jail for it and he did tell the kids ( son and doughter) that he loved them and he did not mean to and he loved there mom very much and he did ask them to forgive him

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Fatuma I dont think he should done that dirty action and if he didn't like her ,he should let her go to her way out so that no one will hurt and everything will be fine and natural and I am really glad that he is in jail , he deserve to go to the jail .The most sadness is that his daughter (jenna) loves him and he lie to her for everything !!!

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