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Why do you read?

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Carmon For twilight fans, why do you read? What makes reading fun for you?

Tiffany personally, I read to escape. that's also why I write. nothing is better than when i'm having a bad day, i open up a book and i'm lost in that story. i forget my problems for a few hours and read about someone else's problems. and i find it can help me think about ways to fix a problem etc.

Tiffany and hopefully someone will read my stories one day and they too will escape even if they hate or love my story, at least for a while they lost themselves in my world and left their problems on the side for a while

Emmaredfern Redfern i read because i just love 2 lose myself in someone elses life and i can lose myself in a book for hours

Faye Meredith Pure entertainment. It's like a movie in my head, except more intimate. You feel like you're part of it, rather than just an observer. Characters become friends and places become real. I think it nourishes the soul.

Taylor Simons I read because I know I can't get hurt. It helps me get away from all the problems I have in the real world. When read I get connected to the characters. I can see what they are going though and what they must face. It's also great fun to read because you get to learn new things and what people can actually right about. It also helps people who love to write. Reading gives others ideas. All you have to do is make it come true. I enjoy it for getting away from the real world and for the fun of it all.

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Anastasia I'm not a twilight fan, but I'd like to answer, following Taylor. The characters aren't real, and they can't hurt you. It's like an..imaginary friend. They are like friends, but they will never do something wrong to you. That..sometimes is necessary to feel better.

haribo :D i read for different reasons. sometimes if im angry i can release my stress through something productive. Sometimes i read because im bored, and sometimes i read because its compulsary from school lol but overall its a free escape :D

BubblesTheMonkey Tiffany wrote: "personally, I read to escape. that's also why I write. nothing is better than when i'm having a bad day, i open up a book and i'm lost in that story. i forget my problems for a few hours and read a..."

I read to escape, too. I totally agree.

BubblesTheMonkey I agree with everyone here. Basically a book is like a movie (but better), and I lose yourself and escape the pressures of life.

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Abby Fick Faye wrote: "Pure entertainment. It's like a movie in my head, except more intimate. You feel like you're part of it, rather than just an observer. Characters become friends and places become real. I think it n..."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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Chelsea Whenever I pick up any Twilight Saga book or any others, I always loose myself in it. It's like I am actually there in my own world experiencing everything. When I need to not think about things I turn to books because I know that once i read its takes the pressure off. I agree that a book os like a movie but better, you can imagine the characters the way you want and create everything the way you see it in your head. That is the magic of reading!!!

Torie Just for Twilight fans?

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I read to explore. Its like your traveling with the character. Except with text books. I hate those.

~Kaila~ I read because it's an escape for me it's like I'm in a different world where I can discover new things and be a different person.

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Katie I think it's all of the above. I read to escape because I have way too much reality in my life, I have a strong imagination so I tend to get really absorbed in a good story and can really escape into it. It's quite the addiction actually. Lol
p.s. not juts in reference to Twilight Saga

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C.C. It relaxes my mind and somehow I feel attached to the characters...

Çili         Reading is the best way to relax myself.
And the best thing for this book is that it makes me part of the fantasy that is so necessary sometimes.

Lindis Russell Wow! Such awesome answers! I say All of the Above.
1. Relaxation
2. Escape ~ I love to get lost in a book. Pretend like I'm one of the charachters. Or think about what I would do if I were a friend, family, or lover of one of the charachters. Or just to simply live in the world that they do!
3. Education ~ Learning new words. Learning about other cultures and places. Sometimes I even do research to see what the author took from fact, or what they invented themselves. Plus, I write a little too.
Books really are the most awesome drug! I'm an addict!

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C.C. Lindis wrote: "Books really are the most awesome drug! I'm an addict! "

You said it! Im an addict too! Sometimes I have withdrawal symptoms :)))

Lindis Russell Yep, that's the only reason I bought a Kindle. So I can have a book with me at all times! It's become my second cell phone, I feel naked without it!!!!!!

I'd probably even read it in church if my father wouldn't turn over and growl at me from the grave! (God Bless Him) : )

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Gerd Oh, I'm sure that psalms and prayers are out on kindle, too. You know, God wouldn't have invented it if you couldn't put a Bible on it.

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I have the nook color and it has a free bible ;P

Alese I read to escape pain...

Torie Aside from required reading for school, I read because 1) I want to learn, and 2) I want to be entertained.

Achie for me..reading this book is like I trully have a new journey to my life,just like I'm them..
and the weird things is when I reading my minds reading too,like imaginating from the place,time,how and any detail like what she wear or doing..kinda like I roll that great

Gloria I read because it helps me relax,
it calms me down, i dont know why but reading
is like being in another world where you can just like picture the characters, what they look like
or imagine things their going through, just stuff like that, and its sometime better than being in the real world. The places you imagine when your reading a book how amazing or how incredible everything is.

طُهْر My reading time is my beast time it's like watching a movie but much better. It makes me think better, like the book is my teacher.
Some other times I feel that the book is a friend, the good thing that it is not real I just feel it inside me, I can't touch the characters in my hand but I do with my heart.
The book is a sea once I swim in it I lose the stress and the problems in my life. It calms me down.
I imagine that I am the mean character if it is a love story; I imagine that the happy end will finally happen to me.
It has been a long time that I didn't speak or write in English I feel like I’ve lost it!!!!
Reading is my life, without reading my life will be empty.
I find myself when I read.

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What you said :) reading conquers all!

Zanali Reading helps me escape to another world...It lets me forget about what is happening around me and I am totally free and relaxed...But it also depends on what i am reading,if it is crap then i cant escape but if the story catches and holds my attention then i have escaped to my world...And the more you read,the more you know :)

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it gets stuff off my mind.......

Eliza Leone "I read because I know I can't get hurt. It helps me get away from all the problems I have in the real world. When read I get connected to the characters. "

exactly! the same reason that I watch the movie. My life could always be worse, I could be that girl. nothing better than a rough day and coming home to watch this couple and all of their issues and everything against them and realize, my life could always be worse.

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good reason

Silly a good escape

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Lida I read to escape reality, to experience life through somebody else's point of view.
There is nothing like sinking into a story and feeling the joy and sorrow of the characters and at the end of the book, feeling like you are saying goodbye to friends.
It also give you the opportunity to delve into someone else's imagination.

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Kimi Definitely to escape reality. I'm sucked into another world where I don't have to think about what's wrong in my life. I can just think about other stuff. Books consume me. They're my drug. I don't know how life would be without them! =)

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Kimi Cheryl wrote: "I read because it takes me from reality into a world of infinite possibilities. It allows me to see into the author's sense of imagination. And its a good way to pass time that would normally be ta..."

Infinite possibilities! I like that! And I don't like doing mindless stuff. I use to watch T.V. too much and I know people who still do and who play video games too much. It's so unproductive.

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Kimi Cheryl wrote: "Kimi ★★★ wrote: "Cheryl wrote: "I read because it takes me from reality into a world of infinite possibilities. It allows me to see into the author's sense of imagination. And its a good way to pas..."

I definitely do agree with you. I love that because I feel like there should be so many more possibilities in the world that aren't available. I feel like people should believe in amazing things and should open their minds up to things that they think are impossible. I believe that some myths could be true. The universe is huge and there's no telling what's out there. =)

Carrie (Bears Read Too) Wow, there are some really amazing replies here and I'll be repeating a lot of it in my reasons. I read to escape reality and the "issues" surrounding me at the moment. I read for entertainment like the person who said "it's like a movie in their head only more intimate". Well said! I read because I love the written word and books and people's/author's minds and their creativity. Some of the worlds and stories that are created is simply amazing. Great imaginations. I also read because I like to write and I learn a lot by reading. I can't imagine being without my books.

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Aly I read mostly to escape reality but more because i love the imagination and reading of a world that i could only dream of, and to pretend to be that person I'm reading in my head and fight evil spirit and get the hot guy or having super powers. Also because reading has gotten my closer to some true friends who will always be there for me and reading keeps us together ;)

Janelle Huston Escaping reality seems to be a common answer and honestly, it was mine at first too..then I went deeper.... Currently I am on a strict reading diet of text books and anything truly funny - which right now is vamp fiction. Why? They are POLAR OPPOSITES! I read for enjoyment. There's something about reading a book, laughing along with the characters, and then falling asleep with fantastic storylines threading throughout my dreams...

ambiekraftsreads Its so funny this is a topic here cause I had to write a descriptive essay for English and this is just the topic I choose to write about.
Here is my essay.

As I was thinking about what to write, I started contemplating a number of ideas. Subjects such as people I admire, places I have vacationed, and hobbies I have. Then it hit me, books and reading. Something I have loved and has been a part of my life since I was born.
As a child, I remember being read to by numerous family members. Books were very special to them, and in turn became special to me. At my grandparents home were shelves of books. Mostly classics that they had both read numerous times. Laying all around the house were newer books that they were in the process of reading. My mother would often sit in the living room engrossed in her latest selection. As important as books were to me, it seemed I had more important activities to occupy my time. I had cartoons to watch, video games to conquer, and friends with which to play.
As I got older I became reacquainted with books. My mother and my teachers were telling me how much pleasure there was in reading. So I thought I would give it a chance once again. I didn’t find it as boring as I once had. I had now found joy in reading for myself.
Reading is magical. I can get lost in another world, or another life. I can observe the beauty of Green Gables, or experience the swashbuckling adventures of Jim Hawkins and Pirate Long John Silver as they search for buried treasure. I can experience love or hate or any of a million emotions. For the few simple hours I read I get to just forget my problems and lose myself in a book. I am very thankful I was taught to read. If not for that I wouldn’t have one of my most favorite pastimes.
Another wonderful thing about reading is book places. Places like the library, bookstores, and book clubs. They each have there own charm, but my favorite is the library. The library is one of my very favorite locations on earth. I love to see all the books just waiting for me to read them. I am privileged to check out books, all for free. Any number of them. New ones just published, lovely old classics, or a wonderful gem I‘ve never before noticed. It is as if my library card is my passport to infinite worlds.
I wish I could instill my love of reading in all of your hearts. You would all then understand the joy I receive from reading. Reading is so much a part of who I am that I always have a book in my purse. Tucked away for the rare few minutes I have with nothing to do. Sitting, whether for a few minutes or a few hours reading, life doesn’t get much better than that.

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Slavica I read all four books and the only thing I liked about Twilight saga was the movie-part one ,it was something new and different for me because I don`t often watch and read books about vampires but this was wow...and music from the movie and the way the movie was made,like-My friend adore everything about Twilight and I just could`t hear her any more so I read the books I have my one opinion about all of this and she does`t like it but we are all different and don`t have to like the same things.I also read "Fallen "-by Lauren Kate and must say that that book was better written...

Shawn I read, to step away from the real world. To go into a world of imagination and wonder. I like to get away from things that go on in my life, and reading always helps me forget, even if for only a few chapters.

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Lulu I read to find an escape from the real world

Jade aka MrsTosh Reading is definately my way of escaping the real world :) lets face it, when are we going to battle vampires or werewolves.....getting so involved with the characters I can pretend I am someone else if only for a little while

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C.C. Its my drug...

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I read for lots of reasons. One - to get caught up in something that's not my own life for a while and enjoy the chracters! Two - to improve my English mark and vocabulary. Three - to pick up ideas for when I start writing books!

Alexa Someone once said "A book is a door into another world".... so true. That's why I read.

Reem_ Ghafri I read because I really like it ... its a way to escape reality to fantasy world where its surely better ...
in addition to that .. these novels .. widen our imagination .. :)

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