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R'shiel's hair on the cover

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Weirdology What's up with her hair? The top section is loose and barely reaches her waist, then the bottom section is braided and would probably come close to her knee if it wasn't flying in the air. It looks like someone drew the braid, then came back later and forgot they drew the braid, so then drew loose hair while not even seeing the braid that they drew before.

I haven't finished the book, so I apologize if this is explained in the story. Though I doubt it is.

In the last book her hair was supposed to be waist length, yet on the cover it looked like her braid ended at her calfs. It's hard to tell since her braid was flying on that one too, even though she was just walking, not riding a dragon...

Jordan Walker I hadn't even noticed that. After looking at the cover again though it does seem odd. It is not explained in any of the books btw lol.

Karen She didn't ride the dragon with a saddle either. I think the pic on the cover really doesn't go along at all with the story. Whoever drew it must not have read the story.

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