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message 1: by Lepton (last edited Jul 03, 2011 10:34PM) (new)

Lepton | 176 comments A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) by George R.R. Martin
A Clash of Kings

Just finished the audiobook today. Here's my summary:

(view spoiler)

There, I just saved you hours and hours of nothing really happening to advance the story.

I'm not saying that there weren't some interesting character developments and stories told from the perspective of the characters but in terms of advancing the overall story it seemed entirely like side story and/or inconsequential. "Major" characters were introduced around whom much of the action depended and were seemingly killed off in the same novel. And, many real major characters largely tread water for most of the novel and don't really end up much different than they started out.

Kind of disappointing after A Game of Thrones.

message 2: by Nevan (last edited Jul 04, 2011 06:24AM) (new)

Nevan | 143 comments Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Did you not think that the Battle of the Blackwater was incredible?

You're probably going to hate 'A Feast for Crows.'

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaelbetts) Despite its size, A Storm of Swords is much better. And although "nothing happens" in book two, it does develop the characters, such that many things happen in book three that could not happen otherwise. There's a bit more action too, though honestly the series isn't about action or battles for me, but character development. They're all going on different journeys. It's a slow burn, but I guess it keeps me gripped since I like all of the characters so much.

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary (valentinew) | 118 comments One correction: (view spoiler)

But yes, most of the book seems to be character development rather than world-changing phenomena...

message 5: by Alex (new)

Alex | 36 comments I love Clash of Kings. For me it was the one where things really ramped up. Especially where Tyrion is concerned. I read this one the fastest of any of the books.

message 6: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Simon (joshuapsimon) | 24 comments Clash of Kings was a great book to me. I actually liked it more than A Game of Thrones.

message 7: by Linguana (new)

Linguana | 148 comments For me, Clash was also the hardest to get through and I took a major break after about a third of the book. But yeah, towards the end it picks up the pace a lot and loads of things happen. I'm thinking Tyrion's storyline especially.

And then, Storm of Swords, is just about 1200 pages of pure awesome! I remember how we had to keep a reading diary for university when I read that book, so I still have all my first impressions when I read it. About every chapter made me go: Holy shit! I can't believe that just happened. ;)

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