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Do you wanna be guy or girl?

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Alright. What kinda to should we do?

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your choice

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High school?

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Name: Nick
Age: 16
Personality: Quiet, smart, sporty
Crush: your person

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Name: Jamie
Age: 15
Personality: Nice, shy
Crush: Nick
Other: Lives alone.

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Nick talked with his group by the front doors of the school

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Jamie was walking by herself, to school.

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It was cool outside so they headed out

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Jamie bumped into Nick, "Sorry tough guy," She smiled

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He chuckled and smiled, "It's cool."

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"Can I walk with you guys?" She asked

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"Sure." they said

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"Thanks," She smiled

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"No problem." one of his friends said

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Jamie walked next to Nick, but she really didn't say much.

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They kept walking around campus talking. Nick didn't say much as usual since he's the quiet one of the group

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Jamie kept glancing at Nick, and quickly turning away.

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(sorry been busy trying to get rid of my sunburn)
He noticed it but didn't say anything since he didn't really mind

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((kk hope you get better))

She heard his friends say that they should get together, but she didn't want to ask.

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He didn't hear them since he was lost in thought. When he was bored he'd let his mind wander

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Jamie tripped onto Nick, "Oops sorry again," She mumbled.

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He snapped out of it, "What? Oh it's fine."

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She looked at him and turned away quickly again.

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He got lost inthoight once again as his friends talked

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One of his friends nudged him, "Go for it," he wispered into Nick's ear

Jamie was clueless of what they were saying.

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Nick whispered "I just met her."

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"She likes you," He wispered

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"How do you know that?" he replied

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"The way she lookes at you," He smiled

Jamie looked again.

((Can I just make another charrie?? and he can be Nick best friend.))

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(yeah, sure)

He rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

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((Name: Cameron
Age: 16
Personality: Nice, always trying to set people up with other people
Crush: none
Other: Lives alone. Nick best friend ))

Cameron sighed, "Come on,"

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Nick sighed, "Cameron, your a great friend and all, but I barely know her."

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"Then talk to her," He smiled

Jamie was thinking of words, to say

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"Your so stubborn." he shook his head smiling and tried to think of something to say

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"So..." Jamie said

Cameron left them alone

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"So..." he said as Cameron left

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"I'm Jamie," She said

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"Nick, nice to meet you."

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They continued walking

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Cameron came back, "So... Hows it going?" He asked

Jamie blushed

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"Good." he shrugged

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He teased, "Know her yet?"

Jamie listened and looked to the ground.

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He rolled his eyes, "Not really."

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He nudged him, "wow.....tell her something, talk to her,"

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"Your the talker though."

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