Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows question

Marie Marie Jul 03, 2011 07:22PM
my friend thinks she is the only one obsessed over the movies as well as the books. please help me prove she is wrong!

None. However, I have watched a lot of Harry Potter movies.

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A million times! Of course your friend isn't the only one!

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Marie wrote: "my friend thinks she is the only one obsessed over the movies as well as the books. please help me prove she is wrong!"

She is SO wrong. I watched the HP7P1 2 times in the theaters. Then I got it on DVD the Friday after it came out.

compared to everyone else i'm not much, but if you count the books it'd be different. as for movies:
the last one: 2 times (yeah only two times:))
DH part 1: 2 times
half blood prince: 3 times
Order of the phoenix: 4 times
Goblet of Fire: something between 6 to 9 times
Prisoner of Azkaban: 5 times or so
Chamber of Secrets: about 20 times (my least favourite but it comes a lot on tv)
Philosopher's stone: 4 to 6 times (a pity b/c i really love it but i don't have it as DVD and one rarely finds it on tv)

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Average iv seen the first 3 probably 12times or more each. And the rest yes, iv seen a lot:) own em all love em all:)

I've only watched the first four movies. Compared to the books I didn't really like them and I didn't think the actors were very good. Also, I can't stand English accents.

In German I can almost speak all the parts along :D

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I think more than 5 each one, and more than 9 the fourth, fifth and sixth. And can't wait to the DH part 2!!!!!!!

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Too many times I lost count lol

While I saw all of them at the cinema, I probably watched the first one the most times. I was still in middle school when that one came out so I did not only see it in the cinema, I also saw it in school in English class (btw: I live in a German language country). Then I saw it on TV at least twice and of course when my brother got my parents a Blu Ray player for Christmas plus a Harry Potter DVD set (missing only the last two movies at that time since they weren't even out back then).
The others - I'm not sure. I think I saw the second one at least three times. Maybe snippets of the third and fourth movie whenever it was on TV.

Didn't keep track but many, many times. We love them in my household and watch them on a regular basis.

Uh, at least a gazillion times. Duh.

Umm, let's see. Over 15 times each. I love them--not as much as the books (books are always better!).

I have no clue how many times I’ve seen each of them, I watch them all the time and I have all night movie marathons, Plus watch them whenever I fell like it, which is pretty easy; considering I have 2(or 3) regular copies, 1 blu ray, and 1 digital of every movie :D

the movies aren't nearly as great as the books, but I've watched each of them a couple of times

I've watched the first one once and the half of the second one. They're so inaccurate when compared to the books that it's unbelievable (IMO). It drives me crazy when they miss a little detail, or something isn't how I imagine it. On their own, I imagine that they're good, but I've never been into the movies.

Many times each. Have been watching 2 a day this week. Finishing off later tonight.

Me too. I'm sure I even watched them when I didn't know who Harry Potter was.

like a billion times!!!! ha

41 times all together. Actually, 42 cuz I'm watching the POA right now

Ten thousand *counts on fingers* and six. LOL! not that many, but about 20 each lol! the deathly hallows only 5 though...

I have seen the movies and read all seven books I would have to say at least fifteen times each (per movie, per book). And counting because I still watch the movies and still read the books. I just don't ever get tired of them.

I've seen the Sorcerors Stone and The Chamber of Sectrets and the Goblet of Fire at least 100 times. Prisoner of Askaban only like 30. Order of the Phenix probably 200 times and then all the other 20 times or less. and yes this is pretty acurate because a lot of times I'll just watch them while doing homework and such.

i was behind on the movies, watched 5,6,7 and 8 not long ago for the first time. and then i watched 1, 2 and 4 also.
#1 - when it came out in the cinema, at least once on video and online.
#2 - cinema and a bunch of times
#3 - just once, weird
#4 - twice
#5 - once and i liked it better than the book
#6 - once, not as good as the book
#7 and #8 - twice, plus certain scenes i watched on youtube a few times, especially #8, it's really good!
if i wouldnt be married with kids i would watch all the movies in a row, i heard it takes a bit over 19 hours!

now ask me how many times i read the books! the first 4 countless of times, the rest less because i don;t have my own copies but borrow from my sister.

i'm 27 btw.

a lot i can basiaclly say the movie word for word

I've watched the first ones over 5 times each but I haven't really watched the last ones much..

a gazillion times:)

I've watched to any times to count. DH part 1 I've watched 8 times, all the others MORE!!

Even when I was obsessed with Harry Potter the movies didn't draw me as much as the books. This is an entirely different genre, but I've seen Lord of the Rings at least 100 times.

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so many times i can't count! Whenever the Harry Potter weekend comes on on ABC family, I watch it! Even though I have all the movies!

Too many to count lol I have the movie on whilst I'm reading the book so I can compare the diffrences because I dunno I just like doing that lol I like to compare it lol just to see what they have changed lol. I loooooovvvvveeee the movies but I prefer the books they sort of explain more of the story I just don't seem to grasp the story line as good when I just watch the movie. lol

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