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Call~Me~Rose (oswaldslostinwasteland) | 744 comments Mod
Rubyclan was formed from windclan when a great battle engulfed the clans, they were the first to change there name acording to s long forgotten prophecy that was made at the very beginning of the clans,

"Five strong stars stand untill one leaves the sky searching for a new. Four now stand proud and strong, bearing new names as they face a great battle."

this was forgotten when skyclan left the forest long ago.


In the recent moons Rubyclan has lost three warriors, the Rouge father of Specklekit and the Father and mother of Gorsekit.


Long ago when the first leaders were still alive DiamondClan owned some of the territory RubyClan had now and RubyStar demanded Diamondstar to give RC some territory, but DC leader refused. One day after DC had gotten out of a battle from JetClan Rubystar and her clan attacked them when they were still weak and defeated them ever since then elders tell young warriors, apprentices, and kits what had happened that day and the when the warriors, apprentices, and kits finally become elders they tell the same story to the clan when they're young.

((tell me if you have any ideas.))

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Drama | 609 comments thanks wait where is JetClan, JadeClan, and DiamondClan history?

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