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message 1: by Colleen (new)

Colleen | 432 comments Mod
HI Everyone,

If anyone knows of book giveaway's please post them here for our members to see.

message 2: by Colleen (new)

Colleen | 432 comments Mod
Jennifer Murgia author of Angel Star Angel Star (Angel Star, #1) by Jennifer Murgia will be having a book giveaway for her 3rd book in the series at

message 3: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Booth (tcbooth) | 7 comments I will send a coupon code to download my book, Mystified, through Smaswords for free to anyone who posts a comment or question on my Q&A section of the Auhtor's Corner this week. :)

message 4: by Sandra "Jeanz" (new)

Sandra "Jeanz" Hi ,

There is a book giveaway when my new blog reaches 100 followers, so, why not take a look, follow and enter, there are sixteen prizes up for grabs.


Sandra "Jeanz"

message 5: by Sandra "Jeanz" (new)

Sandra "Jeanz" Hi,
JeanzBookReadNReview Giveaways
http://jeanzbookreadnreview.blogspot.... Win a Hardback copy of Ashfall by Mike Mullin (UK only)
http://jeanzbookreadnreview.blogspot.... Joint Blog October International Ebook Giveaway.
Also more giveaways coming up!!

And Rai29BookReadNReview Giveaways
http://rai29bookreadnreview.blogspot.... win ebooks when I reach 167 followers!!
http://rai29bookreadnreview.blogspot.... Joint October Blog International Ebook Giveaway!

message 6: by Linda (new)

Linda Poitevin | 9 comments I'm midway through a blog tour to promote SINS OF THE ANGELS, the first in a new dark urban fantasy series -- with a book giveaway at every stop! Check out the tour schedule here: and stop in at one (or many) of the blogs to enter! (International component to most stops)

message 7: by Athanasios (new)

Athanasios (athanos) There are A LOT of books out there. I'm not just referring to the traditional publishers, I'm also bringing in the new indie ebooks. How can you chose?

FREE is a good motivator. I've made the first 8 chapters of my work Mad Gods free for anybody who wants to have a risk free look at the beginnings of Predatory Ethics.

Just go to:
Mad Gods Volume I @:
Mad Gods Volume II @:


message 8: by Colleen (new)

Colleen | 432 comments Mod
Thank you so much Athanasios! We'll check it out:)

message 9: by Chrysoula (new)

Chrysoula Tzavelas | 15 comments Hey! Apropos of my previous mention of my upcoming book Matchbox Girls, my publisher has launched a giveaway here on Goodreads:

My newest blurb for it:
It's a contemporary urban fantasy about celestial powers and the people caught in between them, especially Marley, who starts out as an anxiety-ridden grad school drop-out, and grows up to be something more.

message 10: by Colleen (new)

Colleen | 432 comments Mod
Chrysoula wrote: "Hey! Apropos of my previous mention of my upcoming book Matchbox Girls, my publisher has launched a giveaway here on Goodreads:"

Sounds great!! thanks Chrysoula :)

message 11: by Darcy (last edited Mar 02, 2012 01:57PM) (new)

Darcy Town | 6 comments My angel/fallen angel book Morningstar is going to be free on Amazon for 2 days as a promotion (Saturday and Sunday). It's urban fantasy - paranormal romance - including Lucifer, his lady love stuck in a human body, and a group of feisty fallen angels.
Thanks for taking a look!

Morningstar (Morningstar Trilogy Book 1) by Darcy Town

message 12: by Colleen (new)

Colleen | 432 comments Mod
Thanks for letting us know Darcy :)

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 143 comments The Awakening, Rebirth Book 1 is free on Kindle right now:

The Awakening

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