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City Of Bones By Cassandra Clare > City of Ashes, City of Glass and, City of Fallen Angels

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Will you read the next books in the series? If so did you hate them? Did you love them are on edge waiting for City of Lost Souls or does the title mean nothing to you? Your after thoughts on the series can be shared here!

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 19 comments I did! Did I like them? No, not really. Not much action, predictable, and repetitive.

message 3: by Trenton (new)

Trenton I really hate to hear that. I hate when a author is so repetitive in a series. I started the House of night series, and I gave up after the 3rd book cause the first 4 chapters in each book was about the book before It was awful.

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