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Alana Title: Rosalie Gets in a Fight...
Word Count: 972
Summary: Rosalie (from Twilight) finds a girl at Forks High that thinks she's more beautiful than her.
Book: Twilight Series
Author: Stephenie Meyer

I was just sitting, minding my own business, and doing nothing, except playing with Emmett’s hand. Well, I wasn’t only doing that…I was also staring at myself in the window. Gosh I’m so beautiful!! You know, I thought, I feel sorry for that girl over there. Poor her, she thinks she’s pretty, but she’s really not…

Wow, Rose, I thought, you are sooo naive! Yes, that would be Rosalie Hale, my “pretty” and self-obsessed sister. I think that she sometimes forgets that I can hear her every thought and that I can also criticize her, to her face! She had been describing a somewhat good-looking sophomore. Seriously, she’s threatened by a sophomore?
The girl happened to be on the cheer team and she had curly, honey blond hair. Her eyes were like two perfect emeralds, set into a light bronze face. The girl, Autumn as I learned from her friends’ thoughts, was a straight-A student with a history of boys.
She sounded nice and, truthfully, I had never heard that name for a girl before. There was a guy next to her arm that was thinking, she’s a lot prettier than Rosalie Hale, and she doesn’t have a frickin’ temper! Yeah, I wasn’t going to tell her about this…

All of a sudden, my brother, Edward Cullen, gasped.
“Edward?” I said, calmly. Bella probably just broke a nail. It’s annoying around our house now. It’s all, Bella this, Bella that, Oh no! Bella forgot her coat today! What should I do?
“Um…nothing Rose.” He said. He glanced away from me to Emmett’s face. Edward glanced toward the door and back to him again. Emmett got the message and they went outside. A couple seconds later, I could hear Emmett’s laughter. They came back in and glanced at the one girl I was thinking about earlier. Oh, look, a window! Hmm my hair sparkles in the light. Focus Rosalie, focus! Okay freaky sophomore. I gasped she was laughing and pointing at me. Now it was personal! I checked the window. Still beautiful, dear!
I got up from my seat and started walking towards the little slime ball.
All of a sudden, Emmett was in my face kissing me. Not that I wanted to push him away, but I had more important matters to deal with. Then Edward was blocking me. I pushed him.
“Hey, you!” I shouted at the “girl”. She looked up.
“Oh, look,” she sneered, “it seems that Rosalie Hale,” she spat my name, “has decided to grace us with her presence.” The table laughed. Alice flitted to my side. She had a worried look on her face. Great, I didn’t want to hit my little sister to. Then she grimaced. Yep, probably saw that.
“First of all, Rose, please don’t hit me. And second, um, I don’t think you should hit her either…” Alice said timidly. Whatever, she’s not going to stop me.
“Alice, I know that you love me, and I love you too, but BUZZ OFF!” Alice’s eyes got wide. She backed away and looked like she might whimper. Oh, great, I’m now good at making my little sis cry.
“Alice, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it…” I tried to tell her. She turned from me into Jasper’s arms. He glared at me. I turned back around.
“So, why were you laughing at me?”
“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you think you’re all that and that you think you’re beautiful.” She said sarcastically. Her crew snickered. I glowered at them, and immediately, they were silent. I glanced behind me and there was Emmett. He’s so cute!

Great Rosalie, nice going, I thought, why is my sister so stupid?! Oh yeah, she’s blonde and stuck-up… I listened to the others thoughts.
Edward! What is she doing!? If they try to fight her, she can’t fight back! Remember, I actually like being in one piece! Emmett yelled at me. I shot him a dirty look and pretended like I was covering my ears. Sorry, he both thought and mouthed. Now his thinking was only whispers.
Think, Alice, think! So she’s going to go over there, talk to the girl, possibly throw a chair or two, and then she’s going to come back to our table and make out with Emmett for 15 minutes, Alice thought. I glanced at her and her eyebrows were creased.
Peace, peace. Don’t do it Rosalie. You are peaceful, Jasper was channeling peace. Good, maybe she’d stop and do something else.
Alice went over to Rosalie. She looked worried. Great, I didn’t want to hit my little sister too. Alice frowned. Poor thing, she was seeing herself get beat up.

“Ok, fine. That’s true enough. One question, do you think you’re more beautiful than me?” I asked.
“Of course! Sorry but I don’t really think monkey butts are beautiful.” The girl said. Ooh, she was going down; she was going way down. I felt peace wash over me. I turned and glared at Jasper. He backed away.
“Oh look, is little Rosalie afraid of me? Need your boyfriend to fight for you?” I balled by hands into fists.
“Get up,” she looked around her table, “GET UP!” I shouted. By then the whole cafeteria had made a circle around us and they were whispering about a pretty girl fight. The only pretty was moi!
She got up and before she could do anything, I punched her face (very lightly of course). The little wimp started to cry and ran away. I smiled triumphantly. I win, you lose. IN YOUR FACE!!

Great Rose beat up a sophomore. Actually, I’m surprised she didn’t break the girl’s face. When Rosalie gets mad, she gets violent and tough. Last time, that happened, the girl had to be transported to a cemetery, and I don’t mean for someone else’s funeral…

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LOVED IT! Well done Laney!

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Alana Thanks!

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tallfubar (fallingfromresolution) | 14 comments Heehee!

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