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message 1: by Judy (new)

Judy Croome (judycroome) | 6 comments In my ad campaign and in listing my book I've been unable to enter it in its correct genre, which (on Amazon)is Fiction/Visionary & Metaphysical.

I had to list it as fantasy but, although it has elements of magical realism, it's not a fantasy novel. Listing it as fantasy or women's literature or religion gives readers the wrong expectation.

Is it possible to apply to have a new genre/sub-category?
Thank you
Judy, South Africa

message 2: by Judy (last edited Jul 04, 2011 09:17PM) (new)

Judy Croome (judycroome) | 6 comments Toni , thanks for your thoughts on this. My book is definitely not paranormal, if anything it has elements of magical realism.

This having to categorise it is a real headache for its actually interstitial. :(

I'll have another browse through the metaphysical section and see if I can re tag it.

Thanks again for your help.
Judy, South Africa

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